January Favourites

Hello Stunning!

It is time for favourites once again! This month I decided to focus on skincare, healthy eating and sports which you probably realised by looking at my favourites. This month I also attended the London Health Show which inspired me to focus on my health and wellbeing, as external beauty is in fact the reflection of inner health. 

Beuti Skincare, Beauty Sleep Elixir  
This January I have been using this new Beauty Sleep Elixir from Beuti Skincare. First of all lets all take a moment admiring the packaging, it is so cute and gorgeous! It is a 100% natural product, containing 98% organic oils. It contains 14 precious plant oils which support the skin barrier, fight inflammaging, and counteract irritation as well as inflammation. The oils are well known for their anti-oxidant properties, which support the skin barrier.

I usually applied this product in the evening after I cleansed my face, and followed with a moisturiser to supply my skin with all the precious nutrients, minerals, vitamins and omega 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9. After the night treatment I woke up with a hydrated and glowing skin. What I liked about this product is that it was 100% natural so I knew that it is healthy and good for my skin.

Since the serum is made of oils it does have an oily texture but it absorbs into the skin quite quickly.  I also tried it as a base for makeup and it did a pretty good job, but you need to ensure you don’t put too much as  you can end up with an oily skin! You can use it in the evening as a serum, blemish treatment and for brightening the skin. Available from Beauti Skincare Website (Price, £40)

Skin and Tonic London Steam Clean 
I always come back to the cleansing balms during the winter months, as they are hydrating and the routine is very relaxing. This month, I have been using the balm from Skin and Tonic, a British, organic brand. It has a minty, eucalyptus smell which has a calming effect on your body and mind. 
I think the best way to use a cleansing balm is to massage it into the skin, then add a little bit of water to melt the makeup and dirt then following with a hot muslim cloth, removing all the grime. I like to treat it as an evening ritual, always enjoying the aromatherapy, and the hot towel. Available from Skin and Tonic Website (Price, £27)
Greenfrog Botanic Geranium and Peppermint Botanical Wash 
As you all know, I LOVE herbal scents, especially geranium and peppermint so this soap has taken a special place in my bathroom. It is made with soapberries from the Himalayan Mountains, which are also used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat eczema and dry, sensitive skin. They are non invasive, so they will not affect the Ph of your skin. I do have dry skin so if a product is unsuitable my skin will be itchy, 
I found the Botanical hand wash to be very nourishing and hydrating, leaving my skin soft and clean.  It contains aloe vera, which has soothing effect, peppermint oil which has a cooling as well as refreshing effect and calming geranium oil. I used this hand wash few times a day, and found to be different to the other products available on the market, which do tend to dry out my skin. What I also like about this brand, is that it is eco-friendly and 100% vegan. The products are biodegradable, parabens and SLS free, and do not contain harmful chemicals. The hand wash is a great bathroom essential and it is available on Greenfrog website, (Price, £7.40) 

Toni and Guy  Guy Wave Memoriser 
Lately I am a fan of messy hair look. I love the ‘out of bed’ style, messy waves or ponytails so when I saw this in Boots I decided to give it a go. My hair is naturally quite wavy but I don’t like to use mousse as it sticks them together and they look terrible so I was hoping this will enhance my waves.
I was quite surprised by the results, it made my hair super wavy, giving my hair this ‘surfer look’. It does not stick your hair together, but smoothes the frizz and enhances the waves. I love the packaging, especially that it is purple and the gorgeous scent of this product. Available in Boots, (Price, £7.49)

This is a new brand that I discovered during the London Health Show and I am happy to say that a healthy energy drink has finally arrived. As many of you, I am quite busy and often I do need to just keep going. I cannot drink all those sugary, drinks with taurine as they simply make me feel like I am about to have a heart attack and I feel worse than when I am tired. 
I know I don’t normally write about non beauty products but this definitely deserves a mention. The Sunsoul drinks are designed for women. They are low in calories (only 84) per can, and they are made with 100% natural ingredients such as Guarana, kola nut and baobab which give you energy without nasty effects on your body. They taste amazing as well, my favourite so far is the Raspberry and Elderflower, but you can also get them in flavours like Spiced Mango and Pineapple or Lime and Lemon. 

Ania’s advice:
1. Find exercise you will love
2. Eat healthy!
3. Make smoothies *-* 

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