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Hello Gorgous! 
If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that lately I am hitting the gym quite often. I decided to adapt this healthy lifestyle in winter, and I can already see great results. My skin looks better, I wake up full of energy, and obviously I can see the effects of working out on my body. I feel ready for summer and definitely more confident as well. However going to the gym does require some effort, and I need to prepare before going, so here are my gym essentials without which I don’t leave the house! 

Sure Maximum Protection Sport Strength
This is my number 1 essential. I can never go to the gym without a good deodorant that will prevent odour and will help me stay as glamorous as I can whilst doing push-ups, running or boxing. The Sure deodorant is one of the best deodorants I tried as it prevents excessive sweating, and the effect lasts, so you don’t need to constantly reapply it. 
What I like about this particular deodorant is that it has skin moisturising ingredients, and does not irritate the skin, even if you apply it straight after shaving. Sure claims that it is 2x stronger than the leading antiperspirant, and I can agree that it is probably the strongest antiperspirant I tried. I would definitely recommend to take this deodorant to the gym if you want to prevent perspiration in the gym. Available in Boots, £4.99. 
Wilkinson Sword Quattro Raspberry Rain Disposable Razor   
I always carry a razor in my gym bag in case I come straight from university or work, and need to use it before working out. Right now, I am using the Raspberry Rain Razor from Wilkinson Sword. It is a disposable razor, and it is available in a pack of 3 so it is very convenient. However, unlike regular razor, it has 4 blades, helping to target all areas, leaving your skin silky smooth. Also, it may seem hard to believe, but the handle is raspberry scented so your gym bag will smell lovely and, well, using a raspberry scented razor is pretty cool don’t you think? 😉 Available in Boots, £5.99.
Toni and Guy Dry Shampoo
There are those days when your hair is looking terrible and you cannot face the gym without a can/bottle of dry shampoo. My favourite one is from Toni and Guy, as it is lightweight, cleanses the hair and does not stick them together. It adds at least an extra day of freshness, so you will look stunning at the gym even if your hair is not freshly washed. Available in Boots, £7.49.
Dr Paw Paw Multipurpose Balm
There is nothing worse than dry lips at the gym, so I always take Dr Paw Paw original multipurpose balm which I can also use on my cuticles and hair. It doesn’t have a scent, so it will not bother you during your workout. It is made with natural ingredients with healing properties so ideal for workout time. Available from Dr Paw Paw, £6.95. 
Tabitha James Kraan Organic Hair Cleanser Golden Citrus 
Obviously showering after the gym is essential, and usually you do need to wash your hair, unless you do some lightweight exercise like stretching or yoga. I am a fan of Tabitha James Kraan, ever since I tried her conditioner. 

I consider going to the gym to be a detoxifying activity for me so I try to use minimal amount of chemicals, during and after exercising which is why I chose the Organic Hair Cleanser. It is formulated with 86% organic ingredients such as oatmilk, argan oil, coconut oil, aloe vera and essential oil (neroli, tea tree, angering, lavender, myrrh and bergamot) which are great for hair and scalp. This shampoo not only cleanses the hair but also balances and soothes the scalp, reduces frizz and strengthens the hair. It is ideal for after gym as it also calms excessive oil production and has anti-inflammatory properties. Available from Au Sujet De Vert, £22.50/150ml. 

The Collection Concealer (Shade 1) 
I am a fan of minimal makeup in the gym, as sweating with a full makeup face is not good for the skin at all. However, I cannot go to the gym completely bare faced so I always take my Collection Concealer. I am always talking about this concealer so to keep it short, it provides great coverage, lasts long and looks great throughout the workout. 
Body Wash 
I always take a travel size body wash with me to the gym in case there are no body washes available or I don’t like the products. After the gym I like to use a body wash which has a fresh smell like this one, formulated with geranium, lavender and peppermint which when combined together smell divine. 
Ania’s advice:
1. Aim to workout 2 – 3 times a week 
2. Don’t get demotivated if you don’t see results straight away 
3. Create a ‘gym essentials’ bag


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