Guest Post! Pre and Post Exercise Beauty Picks for Fitness Junkies

While fitness enthusiasts may not need special encouragement to hit the gym, not all of them are following a proper skincare and beauty routine before and after their workouts. The reasons behind that are numerous, but they all boil down to the lack of information and a busy schedule. The truth is, the best beauty regime for pre and post gym activity period is not demanding at all, if you have the right information.


Cleansing and Moisturising
It’s always good to start with a clean slate before heading out to the gym. Any makeup residue that doesn’t get wiped off and removed will subsequently clog the pores and cause irritation and breakouts. Mild cleansing foam with green tea or lavender extract is both practical and tonus boosting.

Another product ladies shouldn’t go without to gym, or anywhere else, is the moisturiser. Since the process of exercising is followed by a lot of sweating, the skin gets easily dehydrated. Luckily, this can be easily prevented with a thin film of this beauty staple. For women that are slightly self-conscious about some facial skin discolouration, a fruit-tinted moisturiser can even out the skin tone and act as a handy 2-in-1 product. 

Lip Care
Having a balm or a stick that consists of a beeswax and honey formula with an SPF is essential in preserving luscious, non-chapped lips. The beeswax provides a natural base and a pleasant texture while honey is an all-purpose skin repairing and calming substance. It’s advised to remove all distractions during exercise, and dry and flaky lips definitely qualify as such. 


This is not exactly a beauty product, but its use is a crucial element of people’s presentation in the public. I have experimented with quite a few deodorants and sticks, and they all seem to cause irritation in the summer time (not a good sign!), except for one. Fenjal sensitive deodorant manages to oust the nasty smelly side-effect of exercise and replace it with its own mild scent. It contains no harmful parabens, alcohol, mineral and silicone oils, or artificial colours.


Any harsh methods of hair removal are not recommended for a few hours before the workout session. The skin will inevitably get irritated, and the worst thing one can do it is to expose it to excessive sweating and dirt immediately after shaving.

SPF Lotion or Spray
People who like to exercise in the open, at a beach or near water and other reflective surfaces, should apply a sun lotion or spray at regular intervals. This prevents wrinkles, skin aging, spots and other sun induced blemishes.
Since the skin is more fragile in the post-exercise period, it’s advised to apply some mild and natural nurturing products. Since the green industry is on the rise, quality organic cosmetics in UK are accessible to anyone who makes careful beauty and skincare choices.

Quick Save

Korean women are very committed to their beauty routine and workouts, which doesn’t mean they don’t lead busy lives as well. They have invented 7-seconds treatment that involves tiny pads that provide quick toning and hydration in one.
Cooling Mist
The whole body and face get heated up considerably during workout, and the application of an essential mist can restore the healthy glow and cool the skin a bit. Such products contain numerous beneficial herbs such as Jasmine flower, cucumber and chamomile.

Soothing Foot Gel
Legs and feet tend to suffer quite a bit during workouts, so it’s recommendable to treat them with products that provide a relaxing effect afterwards. While there are numerous soothing foot gels on the markets, ingenious Koreans have invented a cream that mimics the sensation of leg stretching. Neat!

“Less is more” is the best principle when the pre-and-post exercise beauty skincare is concerned. These were some of the most popular beauty staples.
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