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Hello Gorgeous! 
I don’t know if you heard but there is an amazing virtual makeup app from the beauty guru, Lisa Eldridge which you need to download right this minute! If you are a beauty lover, and have 1000 looks you would like to try, you can now do it within seconds using the Makeup Plus App!

Who is Lisa Eldridge?
Lisa Eldridge is one of the best beauty gurus, there is no doubt about it. I have always been her fan, and a loyal subscriber. On her YouTube channel, Lisa talks about makeup, skincare and haircare, often showing great makeup tutorials, skincare regimes or even long haul flight routines. After achieving such success, Lisa has been invited to join Lancome, and is currently their Global Creative Director. 
About Makeup Plus
As I said before in the intro, Makeup Plus is an app that you can download for free from the app store on your iPhone, Android or iPad. In order to try a look, all you need to do is take a selfie (which we take all the time anyways!), and choose the look you want to try. The app accurately ‘applies’ all the products on your face giving you the perfect makeover without you using any actual products. 

Overall Impressions
The app is user friendly and easy to use! You can tell that the best technology was used when creating this app as the facial recognition is perfect, meaning that it applies the products like a a makeup artist would. 
There are many different looks you can try, and Makeup Plus saved me a lot of time when getting ready to go out as you can take a picture in your outfit and try the looks, then proceed with the actual makeup application. You can either try the ready makeup filters or you can create a look from scratch, choosing your foundation, lipstick, eyeshadows, eyebrows shape, eyeliner, mascara etc. You can also change your hair colour which is the feature I absolutely loved as you can see on my makeup pictures! 
The app allows you to easily save your photos to the camera roll. You can also share your pictures with friends and fans easily as the app is liked with social media accounts. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, as it is great fun and allows you to experiment with some stunning looks! 
Get involved!
Download the FREE MakeupPlus beauty app and try out the Lisa look! For a full tutorial on how to use the app head over to Lisa’s YouTube Channel. Remember to share your looks with me!

Ania’s advice:
1. You need this app!
2. Download it!
3. Share your looks!

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