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Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
I hope everything is going well and you are starting to think about Christmas Shopping already! I cannot wait until Christmas, I am already starting to listen to Christmas songs, lighting up candles and spraying my room with the Winter spray from The White Company. This year, I decided to start my Christmas Shopping early, and I decided to publish my stocking filler post now so that you can avoid the last minute Christmas Shopping Fever. This post features some fragrance, skincare, bodycare and accessories so you can literally find something for everyone!

Need to get something for a girl who has literally everything? Brushes are always a good idea as they need to be replaced every now and then.
WooBamboo! Toothbrush 
I know what you might be thinking… Toothbrush, is she crazy? This toothbrush is a great gift for every single person. The WooBamboo toothbrush is made from organically grown bamboo which is sustainable and also panda friendly! Every person uses up multiple toothbrushes in a year which unfortunately results in unnecessary pollution, so switching to the bamboo toothbrushes will be beneficial for the entire planet. 
Another advantage of these toothbrushes is that they have a super cool design and can be customised so you can paint someone’s name or write a message which makes this gift even more unique. Love this! Available from Amazon, £8.31.
PS Pro Blending Brush Medium
I recently saw these brushes in Primark and I couldn’t resist the bargain price! This one only costs £2.50 which is not even comparable to the other high street brands. This brush has a plastic handle and artificial bristle but still does the job and is great for blending. A perfect gift for a makeup junkie!
The Vintage Company Powder Brush
I think almost every person I know uses powder foundation, so this is quite a universal gift, you just can’t go wrong with. The brushes from The Vintage Company are ideal for stocking fillers as they are nicely packaged in a retro styled box. The brushes are made with artificial bristle, and a plastic handle. I am a fan of the design as it really reminds me of the 60s so this gift would be great for a girl who loves the retro and vintage feel!

L’Occitane Mini Shower Gels
I found lots of these mini Shower Gels at home as I am a loyal L’Occitane fan so I often get these with purchase. I think these are ideal for stocking fillers as they smell nice, are good for the skin and the packaging is pretty. You can often purchase these in a set, so head over to your L’Occitane store and get browsing!
L’Occitane Neroli and Orchidee Body Milk 
This is my favourite range from L’Occiatne. I mentioned it already a few times on this blog. It smells absolutely divine and I think that this travel size is just so convenient! Smells divine, looks divine, can replace perfume on a relaxed day. Great gift for a jet setter, a person who loves to lounge or just any girl!
Marc Jacobs Decadence Sensual Shower Gel 
The Decadence fragrance from Marc Jacobs is very unique and it is definitely not for everyone. You will either love it or hate it, so it is quite a tricky gift. I would recommend it for a person who loves heavy fragrances and who often mixes different scents together. It is the most expensive stocking filler but if you want to buy something from high end, this is ideal. I got this with a fragrance purchase but a full size costs £34 for 150 ml in Boots

Nouevau Lashes Glamour/ Style 1
Strip lashes are a great stocking filler as they are not pricey but look stunning. My current favourites are from Nouveau Lashes Glamour Style 1. They have a dramatic effect and make your lashes long, thick and glamorous. Available for £4.95 from Nouveau Lashes Website
NYX Pore Filler

Get the perfect looking makeup with the NYX pore filler! It works as a perfect foundation base, reducing the appearance of pores, leaving you with a flawless makeup. If you want the porcelain doll-like finish, this would be a perfect gift for yourself! Available at Selfridges, £11.
NYX Liquid Suade Cream Lipstick
I think that nail polishes and lipsticks are from the same category – You can never have too many! The Suade Cream Lipstick leaves that desirable, matte finish. It is velvety soft and waterproof, so ideal for the rainy London weather. Available in a variety of shades Selfridges, £6.50. 
Leighton Denny Nail Polish 
You can never have too many nail polishes. I am currently into neutral colours so I would recommend the Brief Encounter by Leighton Denny. They are a bit more pricey than the usual polishes you can get in Boots but they are beautifully designed and the shades are stunning! Available from Lookfantastic, £12. 

Impulse Body Spray Mini Cracker Gift 
I love love love christmas crackers, especially if they contain beauty products inside! The Crackers by Impulse is a must buy! Not only is it a cute, gift, it is also very useful. Each fragrance is different, the fragrances included are Ver Pink, Why Not and Rock and Love. Each fragrances is 35ml so can be carried in a handbag as well as is super convenient for travel. Available at Superdrug, for £4. 
Ania’s advice:
1. Decorate your home
2. Listen to Xmas Songs!
3. Go Ice Skating  


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