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Hello Stunning! 
I hope you are as excited about the spring as I am! I could not wait for the cold winter months to be over and for spring to begin hence I got this beautiful flowers to celebrate the new season. The last few weeks I have been testing products from SkinYoga, a brand which features 100% natural skincare. 

SkinYoga Sandalwood and Saffron Face Mask 
The products from SkinYoga come in powder form so that you can store them safely, and once mixed with water they become active. This sandalwood mask has anti-ageing as well as brightening benefits. The sandalwood reverses signs of ageing, and the saffron improves the skin texture. A third ingredient is walnut which help to regenerate the skin, regaining its elasticity as well as boosts skin’s circulation. This mask is designed for dry and very dry skin.
As you can see the mask comes in powder form, so you need to mix one teaspoon with few drops of water. I applied the mask on my face and neck and waited for 15 minutes before rinsing it with water. My skin felt instantly revived, it looked brighter and no longer tired. The mask comes in a cute wooden box, and when you purchase the full size, the glass jar is much bigger and the cap is also made from glass. A nice addition to my face mask collection 🙂 Available from Naturallybetteryou£27/50g. 

SkinYoga Coffee Body Scrub
As you all know I am a body scrub addict which I use once or twice a week so I was very excited to try this. Coffee scrubs are ideal for skin as they not only get rid of dead skin cells but also reduce cellulite, stretch marks, scars and help to even out the skin tone. The coffee scrub from SkinYoga is 100% natural, free from parbens, and artificial fragrances, but it still smells delicious like freshly brewed coffee.

The best way to use it, is to wash your body as usual, then apply the scrub on wet skin and massage it in circular motion. Then turn off the water for 2-3 minutes and let the oils hydrate your skin. Wash it off with water and pat dry your skin. After this scrub my skin felt so hydrated, nourished and revived that I wanted to repeat this process again during the week. This scrub is a must-have! Available from Naturallybetteryou, £34/200g. 

Ania’s advice 
1. Try natural skincare products
2. Use an exfoliator once a week
3. Find a time for a face mask.

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