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Over the last 3 months you saw me go to Pulse Light Clinic to try laser hair removal. My first post that I wrote, a while ago, which you can read here, was mentioning the patch test reviewing the first underarm treatment as well as the results. I have already completed my four treatments and wanted to tell you about my experience, expectations and the results. 

About Pulse Light Clinic 
Pulse Light Clinic is based on Percy Street, near Tottenham Court Road (where I did my treatments) as well as near Bank. It offers a variety of services such as laser hair removal, tattoo removal, IPL treatments and skin treatments. The staff is very friendly and professional, the interior is white and the laser machines are sterile and clean so there is nothing to worry about.
First you will have a patch test to see how your skin will react to laser. A small patch of your skin will be tested and then if everything goes well, you can start your treatment. The sessions last about three minutes, as the laser is very fast and efficient. You will feel a small pain aka ‘zapping’ when the laser goes through your skin. Do not worry though, as it is definitely not as painful as wax (imagine being hit with a rubber band). After the treatment is finished, the therapist will apply soothing aloe vera to prevent irritation, and you are free to go! 
I must say I was a bit sceptical about this laster treatment as I heard a lot of opinions that laser does not work on blonde hair, and it will not help me at all. However, I was hoping that it will work as a lot of my friends and bloggers have tried it and said that it made their life a whole lot easier! So even though I knew I couldn’t expect too much, I did have silent hopes that it will work!

1st Treatment
I must say I was so surprised when I saw the results. After the first treatment, the hair started to fall out and I the remaining ones became much weaker. After two weeks, I could see 20% of the hair was gone.
2nd Treatment 
After the second treatment, once again the hair fell out, and grew much weaker. 30% of the hair was gone, and grew much thinner. I had to shave maybe once a week.
3rd Treatment 
During my third treatment we increased the strength of the laser, so it was stronger but also a bit more painful, however the results were great. A lot more hair fell out and I could see that it grew much slower, and 60% of the hair was gone. I shaved once a week but only because I could see some individual hair.
4th Treatment 
I am now after the fourth treatment and I didn’t have to shave for 3 weeks at all. There is no sign of hair and my underarms are incredibly smooth. I am so thrilled that the treatment worked and I will repeat it once in a while to maintain this effect. I would recommend this to all my friends and family as honestly, it makes my life so much easier, provides long term results, it is less painful and is better for my wallet as I won’t have to constantly repeat the treatments. Every person should try this, and I would recommend trying it at Pulse Light Clinic!

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Ania’s advice:
1. Get your free consultation and patch test
2. Try laser hair removal  
3. Enjoy an incredibly smooth skin

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