Skin Chemists Advanced Pro- 5 Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream

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I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and are enjoying the spring days! For the past three weeks, I have been testing the face cream from Skin Chemists, a brand which I always wanted to try. In April, Skin Chemists have a collagen themed month and so they have created a special offer! Until the end of April, using the code ANIABLOG you can get the Advanced Pro-5-Oxygenating Night Cream for only £19.99 rather than £109 from Skin Chemists website here

The Importance Of Beauty Sleep
We all know the importance of beauty sleep, and for me evening skincare routine is considered to be a holy grail activity. When you sleep, skin repair can almost double, so it is important to ensure it is properly cleaned as well as hydrated and that it has all the ingredients needed for recovery. So before going to bed, ensure that you properly clean your skin, and apply a the rich night cream from Skin Chemists. 
The collagen debate is always present in the skincare industry. Some argue that you should delay using collagen as long as possible, others say that after 20s the collagen production slows down which is why we should start using anti ageing skincare and provide active ingredients to boost the production of collagen.

I used the cream for three weeks and I liked the results. I applied it everyday overnight on my cleansed face and woke up with a hydrated skin. The cream definitely helped to nourish my skin and hydrate it, helping to recover it overnight. My skin also felt more elastic, firmer and clearer thanks to the Marine Collagen, Gatuline Bio and Matrixes 3000 ingredients. 

I love love love the packaging. It is very important for me that the face creams come in tubes, minimizing the contact with air and bacteria. This cream is very easy to use as the pump distributes just the right amount of product. I am loving the vibrant yellow colour, and overall I would give the packaging 10/10 as it does feel very luxurious.

I would recommend to try this cream, especially now as it is available for such a bargain price!
Ania’s advice:
1. Try Skin Chemists
2. Enjoy beautiful skin!
3. Enjoy the sun!


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