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If you follow my Instagram, you would have seen that I recently attended an amazing press day with iiAA, Environ, Advanced Nutrition Programme and jane iredale. The theme of the press day was 100DayReset where we focus entirely on the skincare and we reset our routines with the brands! I learnt a lot about my skin, its elasticity, sun damage and signs of ageing thanks to the amazing VISIA machine but I will write more about it in my future post. 

Advanced Nutrition Programme – Skin Box – Skincare Ultimate
Each pod contains 5 super supplements providing nutrients to feed your hair and skin from within. Each pod contains: Vitamins A + D, Antioxidants, Omegas 3+6, Biotin + Astaxanthin, C0Q10 + Pine Bark Extract. The 28 day supply contains 140 capsules which does feel like a lot but when you use it, you will realise that the amount is just perfect. 
All of the capsules are essential for healthy hair, strong nails and glowing skin. The supplements help to feed your skin from within, providing all the necessary vitamins and extracts which delay the effects of ageing, promote the production of collagen and rejuvenate skin elasticity. 
The packaging is very convenient as you can separate the pods so when you are travelling or working in the office you can always have a few with you. It makes it very easy to take the supplements as they are individually packaged.
I would recommend these supplements as I really felt that my skin was improving, especially after those 28 days. It was clearer, felt hydrated and looked healthier. I am looking forward to seeing the longterm effects of taking these supplements!
The Skincare Ultimate Box will be available from September 2017 but as I was using it now I wanted to share my experience with you. It will be priced at £69.95. 

 Environ Skin EssentiaA AVST Moisturiser 1
I recently wrote about this product, but as you can see the Environ has rebranded the AVST range as Skin EssentiA and redesigned the packaging. This range aims to help the skin to protect, repair and maintain itself and to reduce fine lines, sun damage and dryness by deep hydration. 
As mentioned in my previous post about Environ (available here), this skincare range is available in 5 ranges, and the user gradually moves onto the next products. As he moves up the ladder, the ingredients become stronger and more active. This gradual progression enables to skin to get accustomed to the active ingredients, while gaining maximum long-term effect and avoiding potential retinoid reactions.
This moisturiser is very light, and quite hydrating, but I would recommend using a serum underneath, especially at the beginning. It is packed with amazing ingredients such as vitamins A, C, E, Rosmary Oil Extract, Green Tea Extract, Resveratrol, Beta-carotene complex and peptides. It works very well as it brightens and nourishes the skin, giving it a healthy glow. 
After speaking with an Environ Skincare consultant during my facial, she advised to use an Environ moisturiser twice a day and to use and SPF 15 +  cream alongside to minimise sun damage. It is crucial to wear minimum SPF 15, even if there is cloudy weather as there are still harmful UV rays which have damaging effect on the skin. I also learnt that it is better to use two products, one moisturiser and one SPF product as if you use and SPF moisturiser, the ingredients block each other reducing the product’s effectiveness. 
Environ skincare products are available from skincare specialists, beauty salons and Harvey Nichols. The Environ Skin EssentiA range is priced £41.00 for AVST 1, 2 and 3, and £47 for AVST 4 and 5. 

Environ Body Profile Sculpting Gel 

The Body Profile Gel aims to tone the skin, reducing bumpy skin, cellulite and any skin imperfections. The gel can be used daily as it contains active ingredients which help to firm the skin and ensure it looks perfect and ready for your swimwear look even during winter time! 
The three main ingredients are: 
1.  Pronalen Modeling  has powerful antioxidant and smoothing properties
2.  Guarana (more commonly known as Paullinia Cupana Seed Extract) aids in the drainage of fatty overloads by improving circulation
3.  MyricilineTM – which is involved in three metabolic processes, related to the storage of fat, namely adipogenesis, lipolysis and lipogenesis – serves to decrease the development of mature fat cells, increase the destruction of accumulated fat and avoid the creation of new fat deposits

I used this product on my legs to even out the skin tone and to reduce any imperfections on my thighs and I must say that I can see some improvements. The skin feels tighter and smoother, but you need to remember to apply the moisturiser after to ensure your skin stays hydrated. For optimal results it should be used for three months so I have two more months to go to see the final effect!

Insider Tip From Environ:  Apply the Body Profile lotion, wrap cling film around the area, leave it on for 20 minutes then massage in the excess. Follow that with Vitamin A, C E Body Oil to further firm the skin.

Like with all Environ products, the packaging is a winner as it is ideal to use wherever you are, thanks to the airless pump and plastic packaging. Environ skincare products are available from skincare specialists, beauty salons and Harvey Nichols. Available for £39. 

Visit for Environ stockists or take an online consultation now at


Ania’s advice:
1. Take care of your skin 
2. Use a moisturiser and minimum SPF 15 together
3. Avoid placing your face in the sun 
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