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We are finally entering the summer period here in London and can put all the winter clothes away (although I am still wearing my fur vest from time to time). During the summer months we are usually outside and we often neglect skincare but we need to remember that especially during the high temperatures, skincare is super important! Recently, I have been testing different products from Mask House, a Korean Skincare Brand which has really cute products!

Celebrity Snail Extract Moisturising Gel Mask
This was my absolutely favourite product from this selection. The Celebrity Snail Mask is one of the best sheet masks I ever tried as it is made of gel and not fabric so it stays in place throughout the treatment. The mask comes in two parts which makes application super easy and convenient. The mask should be applied on cleansed skinned kept on for 15 -20 minutes. 
It is really hydrating and nourishing and provides and instant boost to the skin. It also has skin restoring, anti-ageing, regenerating and wrinkle removal properties. After the treatment, my skin felt really smooth and glowing and it felt recovered. Remember that it is important to do face masks twice a week especially if you live in a busy city to help your skin recover from all the pollution! Available here, for £13.36/ HK $132 for 3 masks. 

Diamond V-Sharp  Serum 
What I love about Korean products is that they have cute accessories. The V- Sharp Serum comes with two rollers – one for the neck and one for the face. The serum is suitable for all skin types and it aims to slim, firm and restore the skin’s moisture. This serum should be used at the end of the day as part of your evening routine to have time to work overnight. It needs to be applied on cleansed face and neck, and then massaged for 5-10 minutes with the rollers. The wider roller is designed for the face, and the single roller for the neck.
The serum comes in a bottle with a pump which is very convenient as it allows you to use just the right amount. You only need two/three pumps for the face. The rollers do an amazing job, as the facial massage is very relaxing, and really helps you unwind by the end of the day. The serum was a great base under my night cream and it did have a firming effect on certain areas such as neck and under eye zones. Available here, for £20.12/ HK $200. 

Diamond V-Fit Mask
I must say I was a bit hesitant towards this product as it is very unusual. It aims to contour your face, decrease chin fat, accelerate metabolism, tighten the skin as well as hydrate it. The set contains 5 masks, one band and a tape measure so that you can see the immediate effect. The best way to use it, is to apply it on a cleansed face, with the larger part on the cheeks and smaller parts around the upper lip. Secure it with the slimming band, pull the headstrap over the head and fasten it firmly. The mask should be kept on for 30 – 40 minutes, and once the time is up it is important to massage the jaw and neck until the essence is absorbed. 
The mask is easy to apply but it does feel a bit odd at first so do it when you are alone and no one can take pictures of you! The first time I used it, I felt a slight tingling and the mask had a warming effect, but you get used to it. After removing it, I did notice an improvement in the appearance of my chin, and it appeared slightly better. After a few uses, I noticed refined neck lines and firmer skin around the neck. As I am 22 the effects were gradual, but I am sure they would be more visible on a more mature person. A great product to try! Available here, for £20.12/ HK $200. 
 Ania’s advice:
1. Do face masks twice a week
2. Invest in a good serum 
3. Try Korean Skincare 

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