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I recently discovered this brand called Mad Beauty where you can find the cutest beauty products and accessories such as Cereal themed lip balms, fruit scented hand sanitisers, animal hand bands and much more. Mad Beauty is a brand that makes cosmetics so much fun and that is why I really liked it!
MAD Beauty Animal Head Band – Panda
This is my favourite accessory from Mad Beauty. I never owned this kind of plush head band and I am so glad that I discovered it as it makes my beauty routine so much easier. The headband is very soft and it doesn’t pull your hair but it does keep it off the face.

I use it in the mornings and evening when cleansing my face or even when I come home after a long day at work and want to keep the hair off my face. This is really worth buying as it just makes life so much easier! Also available in other styles such as tiger and dog from Mad Beauty Website, £2.99. 

MAD Beauty Ultimate Handy Set 
This name of this set exactly explains its purpose – it is very handy. I like having it in my bag as it contains all hand essentials such as tissues, mini wet wipes, hand sanitiser and a hand cream.  It is very practical especially when travelling, or even when I am just out with my friends. 
I adore the scent, as it really reminds me of my childhood sweets. The hand sanitiser and the hand cream really do smell gorgeous. The sanitiser has a security clasp at the top so you can be sure that it won’t open inside your bag and spill out. Great set! Available from Mad Beauty Website, £8.99

MAD Beauty Eye Mask – Cucumber 
Mad Beauty even makes the face masks fun! This cucumber mask looks makes you look like you just came back from a Masquerade ball. I liked it a lot as it has a cooling effect on the eye area and makes you look fresh and stunning! Available from Mad Beauty Website, £2.99. 
MAD Beauty Face Mask  
This mask as a printed dog face on it which made me laugh whenever I looked at myself in the mirror! It looks hilarious and really changes the sheet mask experience. The masks has a lovely coconut smell, and it has nourishing properties. My skin felt hydrated and glowing so I look forward to trying the Panda and Tiger styles too. Available from Mad Beauty Website, £2.99

Ania’s advice:
1. Check out MAD beauty
2.  Get some fun beauty products
3. Find your perfect Panda 🙂

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