NU Skin ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa Review

Hi Beauty! 
I hope you are still enjoying the summer even though London has been a bit on and off lately! Once again Nu Skin has made its way to my blog with their amazing ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa Trio. This wonderful trio helps to remove any bumps and dents in my skin and if you use it in the longterm you will always have stunning and perfect skin!

ageLoc Galvanic Body Spa 
This is a key to the treatment – the Galvanic Body Spa instrument! It uses a pulsating technology which optimises anti-ageing effects through large conductive surface when used with the body shaping gel. It has been proved in laboratories that the Galvanic current helps to deliver the product and reach all areas of the body. It also stimulates the skin and helps to purify it, preventing the signs of ageing. The interesting thing about this device is that the current adjust itself, and the user just moves the machine around the body. 
I love the ageLOC Body Spa as you can recreate your own Spa at home and this treatment would normally cost you quite a lot if you go to a professional. The device is very easy to use, it beeps when the device is active and it also inform you when the treatment is over. It comes with a little stand so you can leave it safely in your bathroom until your next treatment. 

 ageLOC Body Shaping Gel 
ageLOC Body Shaping Gel needs to be used with the Galvanic Spa Instrument. The ingredients aim to reduce the signs of ageing as well as preserve the youth. The gel also helps to reduce the visibility of cellulite and uneven skin, making the skin look firm and healthy.
The Galvanic Spa Instrument must be used with the Body Shaping Gel, the gel should be applied to the skin prior to treatment. I really liked this gel as it is not too thick, and the packaging is very convenient. After the treatment it can be easily removed before applying the ageLOC Dermatic Effects. 

 ageLOC Dermatic Effects
This is the final stage of the treatment. After you clean your skin from the gel, you can use the ageLOC Dermatic effects to hydrate the skin. It has anti-ageing benefits and increases cellular turnover which is needed for skin renewal. Not only does it have a countering effect, but it also has  an optical technology which makes your skin look better 🙂
I thought that it was very hydrating, and perfect to use after the treatment to lock in the benefits of the gel and well as hydrate the skin. It has a good consistency and gets absorbed into the skin easily. 
I really liked the Nu Skin ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa System and I think it works very well, especially if you want to get rid of any bumps or cellulite, it definitely helps! For best results, the products should be used all together as they compliment each other. The Trio is available from NU Skin Website, for £433.61. Although the price can seem high, remember that the treatments in a Spa will cost you around £80 each so if you would like to have a proper treatment, Galvanic Body Spa will be a better investment. 

Ania’s advice:
1. Get ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa
2. Use it weekly
3. Have a beautiful skin!
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