New Launch Logic Toner By Triumph & Disaster

Hi Girl! 
Has your boyfriend been stealing beauty products from you? Well, I have some exiting news for you! Triumph and Disaster a brand initially designed for men, has launched ‘Logic’ tonic designed for both men and women as they know that both of you steal each others products! Logic is something we have all been waiting for,  a Unisex, natural, alcohol- free hazel toner.

About Triumph and Disaster 
The brand comes from New Zealand and was founded by a former international cricketer Dion Nash. As you know, being a sportsman is not easy as you are constantly outside, being exposed to the weather extremes. Dion wanted to create a high quality, natural and beautifully designed cosmetic range, focusing on old fashion values, and rock and roll feel.
Logic Toner 
Logic is the first product from Triumph and Disaster designed for both men and women. It is water based, alcohol-free and can be used as part of your everyday routine. The toner has cleansing, balancing and hydrating properties. After using this toner for the last couple of weeks, I noticed that my skin was hydrated and properly cleansed. Although, I don’t have a lot of noticeable pores, I definitely saw an improvement in my skin as it looked clearer and smoother thanks to the Mamaku Extract and Tasmaninan Pepper which have soothing and calming properties.
If you suffer from acne, this toner is also suitable for your skin as it contains Witch Hazel and Tasmanian Pepper which calm your skin and prevent acne. I really liked this toner, and I love the simple, and elegant design of the bottle. Minimalism is what I always look for in products, and Logic not only with its ingredients but also with the design, definitely exceeds my expectations. Available from Triumph And Disaster’s website, for £26.

Gameface moisturiser

I am always very excited when trying a new moisturiser, which is why you would often see me looking at my brother’s beauty shelves and trying their strangely coloured products. This time however, I cheated a little as I tried this moisturiser during m facial with Triump and Disaster and my skin felt absolutely amazing.
This moisturiser is quite light and gets absorbed in quickly. My skin felt hydrated, had a better elasticity and looked radiant. It is very gentle on the skin and it calmed any inflammations without drying my skin. The scent is perfect for the mornings as it is a mix of Patchouli, Cedar, Geranium, Lavander and Sandalwood. The Gameface moisturiser is available from Triumph And Disaster website, for £36.
Ania’s advice:
1. Don’t skip the toner
2. Moisturise your skin twice a day

3. Drink Pumpkin Spice Latte

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