Hi everyone!
This is my first blog post ever, so I decided to write about my favourite topic which is… hair products! If you like this review, you can follow me on twitter  (@aniaaniapawlak) where I have been posting during the past year about beauty products. Enjoy!

As you can see I use quite a few hair products. I have long, blonde hair which is sensitive and it dries very quickly. The water in London is not so great, and when I travel hair does not adjust so quickly to different water, so I need to use moisturising and repairing products.  
I use John Frieda Hydrate + Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner because they are AMAZING hence these large salon sizes. These products moisturise my hair without making them greasy, which is perfect. 
The Sheer Blonde mask is ideal for deep hair conditioning, so I use it once a week or more often during winter to bring the shine back to my hair, and make them smooth.
So next up are… my favourites, which I use everyday. I love them both because L’Oreal Elseve Extraordinary Oil works as a heat protect, can be used as a final finish to a hairstyle, reduces frizz and smells gorgeous <3
Phyto 7 Hydrating Day Cream, is another product I could literally NOT live without… I purchased it on feelyounique.com as it is mostly available online. It is made out of 7 plants extracts an is a moisturising cream for hair. It works as a moisturiser and anti-frizz and I use it everyday as my hair gets quite frizzy in the London weather.
Last, but certainly not least are my hair rescue products. As you can see I like salon sized hair products because I use them up very quickly. My current hairspray is by Tres Semme Salon Finish. I really like it because it maintains my hairstyle from the morning till the evening, without weighing them down.
Like every person in this universe I need a dry shampoo from time to time 🙂 At the moment I am using Batiste cherry. It works well and it smells delicious. Also a miracle, super cute product is Batiste plumping powder which ‘plumps’ up your hair and gives it volume.
I am very satisfied with all these products, I will be trying new ones soon so if you have any suggestions let me know 🙂