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Hi Stunning!

As you know I am a big fan of professional haircare, and whenever I can, I try to discover new brands. I recently went to a press event with R+CO, a brand created by three well known hairstylists – Howard McLaren, Garren and Thom Priano. The brand is not only about high quality professional haircare, but also about enhancing experience and evoking feelings.

R + CO 1

R + CO Skyline Dry Shampoo Powder

This is a really cool dry shampoo as it is a powder in a spray bottle! You spray it directly on your hair, and then you just brush through to get a fresh, clean look. What I liked about this product is that it is very light, and does not leave your hair feeling stiff, like most of the dry shampoos available.

The spray nozzle is absolutely amazing as compared to other available products on the market, you ensure that you don’t waste any product. I am a big fan of the design, as each product is inspired by a different place in the United States. Available soon!

R + CO 2

R + CO Death Valley Dry Shampoo

Let’s start with the fact that the dry shampoo smells absolutely divine, and the smells stays on your hair throughout the day! It does not leave white marks, and is feels very light on the hair, even if you have been using it for the last two days (yes we have all done that). Honestly, this is one of the best dry shampoos I have tried, and will continue using it as it works wonders. Available from Harvey Nichols, for £22.95/ £14 for travel size.

R + CO 3

R + CO Dallas Thickening Spray

If you ever woke up and felt like it was a bad hair day, Dallas is here to save you. I was a bit reluctant to try this, as I have quite thick hair so I didn’t want to end up with a frizzy look, but this thickening spray adds volume and shine, reducing the frizz. After using Dallas, my  hair looked very fresh, voluminous and professionally styled. A perfect product for the London weather 🙂 Available from Harvey Nichols, for £22.95.

Ania’s advice

– Try R + CO Dry Shampoos

– Clear out your wardrobe

– Try the coconut latte from Pret, its amazing!

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Hi Gorgeous! 

As you saw on my Instagram, it has been a super busy time with all the new launches, and events! I have so man exciting products to show you so you will be seeing lots of post in the upcoming weeks. I recently went to Rituals event, a brand that I absolutely love, and discovered their new exciting launch of the three dry oils.

The Doshas
Each of the oils is designed for a specific personality, to cleanse a specific dosha, or type of energy and maintain them in balance. In order to find your Dosha, you need to fill out a mini questionnaire, and at the end, after you sum up all the answers you will know your Dosha.
So what exactly is a Dosha? Doshas are the energetic building blocks of our world. Everything we do has an impact on the Doshas which is why they can be often imbalanced. The Ritual of Ayurveda aims to help restore the balanced, improving your wellbeing and Each of these oils is 100% natural and contains traditional Ayuverdic herbs, specific to each of the doshas.
Kapha, Pitta & Vata 

The three doshas are called Kapha, Pitta and Vata. When Kapha is balanced, you are loving, forgiving and loyal, but when it is imbalanced, you can be insecure, envious and stubborn. When Pitta is balanced, you are intelligent, content and a good leader, but when your Pitta is out of balance, you can be controlling, aggressive and demanding. When Vata is balanced, you are joyful, creative and vital, but when Vata is imbalanced you are fearful and anxious.

My Dosha – Pitta
After completing the questionnaire I found out that I my dosha was Pitta and surprisingly the description was very true – ‘You have a sharp mind and have good concentration powers. You are passionate and enthusiastic, stable and very reliable.’ The Pitta oil has a divine smell of sweet almonds, basil and Ayurvedic spices. The oil itself has a great consistency as it is not too thick nor too liquid. It is perfect for a relaxing evening as it really calms your body and mind. It sinks in very quickly, leaving your skin feeling hydrated, and smooth. I love it!
Vata, Pitta and Kapha oils are available from Rituals website, for £19.50. 
Ania’s advice:
1. Find your Dosha
2. Get your oil
3. Make time for yourself
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Hello Gorgeous!
It has been a while since I did a favourites post so I finally decided to write  about the products that I really liked during the last few months.  During the summer I have been loving light scents, hydrating hair products and luxurious make-up. Enjoy!

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara
This is one of the best mascaras I have ever tried. First of all, we can all appreciate the stunning silver and black design. The incurved brush really helps to curl and lengthen your lashes. I also found that it adds a lot of volume to the lashes without clumping them together. What I love about this mascara is that it doesn’t dry my lashes, as it has reconstructing lash-care ingredients.
It is definitely a must have, and for best effect, I always apply a lot on the top lash, and then gently touch the lower lashes to achieve the maximum definition. Available from Dior’s Website fo£25.50.

Diorskin Nude Air Powder

Currently I am loving the Dior Nude Air Powder for a light, natural coverage. After applying my concealer, I use this powder to eliminate shine and mattify my skin. Perfect for everyday as well as evening use. Thanks to the kabuki brush, it blends in easily, providing a perfect base for my makeup. I use it throughout the day for quick make-up fix, and I never leave home without it.

What I love about Dior is their focus on every detail of the product. They are always beautifully wrapped, and this powder comes in a velvet pouch with a brush. Available from Dior’s website, £36.50.

Aqua Di Parma Colonia  

I discovered this fragrance in the summer and I have been using it since. It is very fresh and it brings back memories of a luxurious seaside resort. The base notes include Vetiver, Sandalwood and Patchouli. Middle notes consist of Lavender, Rosemary, Verbena and Rose and the top notes include Sicilian Citrus Fruit. It is a cologne, so you could say that it is a bit masculine, but it is now used by men and women. A very luxurious perfume, perfect for a weekend away. Available from Harrods for £91 for 100ml.

Revlon Uniq One Classic Hair Treatment
Need a quick remedy for dry hair? Try this Revlon Uniq One Treatment which is a leave-in conditioner.  Just spray it on your hair after washing, and brush through for optimal hydration, repair and frizz-free hair. Available from Feelunique, for £14.95. 

Show Beauty Finishing Spray 
This is the best finishing spray I have used in a while. First of all, the packaging is very stylish -shiny black bottle, and a crystal like top! The spray is perfect for maintaining the hairstyle while retaining the flexibility and movement.

It also protects, moisturises the hair thanks to the enriching ingredients – Pro -Vitamin B, Lichiderm Lychee Extract, Argan Oil and Wheat Protein. I absolutely love the delicate scent of coconut which stays on the hair throughout the day! Available from Net-A-Porter, £30. 

Ania’s advice:
1. Find the time to create your summer video 
2. Get back to your beauty routine 
3. Embrace autumn 

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 Hi Gorgeous!
If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I spent two amazing weeks in Cancun and Mexico. It was such a fantastic getaway from London, and Cancun is a paradise which I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to. During my days at the beach, pool or sightseeing I always had with me my bag with all the beach essentials. Keep on reading to find it out more!

Facial Cleansing Wipes
Face wipes are a must have at the beach and at the pool and I always keep them handy whenever I need to refresh my face. You can also use it on the body or to clean your hands. There are 60 in a pack and the packaging is sealed so they didn’t dry out throughout my holiday. I got these at TK Maxx for £3.99.
Palmers Eventone Suncare SPF50
I always use SPF50 as I have a vary fair skin, and especially at the beginning of your holiday it is important that your skin gets used to being exposed for so long to the sun rays. This sunscreen is wonderful as it protects your skin even in the water as it is waterproof. In addition it does smell amazing and it is moisturising. I liked it as it didn’t leave white residue and it was absorbed into my skin fairly quickly. Available from Superdrug for £9.99.
Macadamia Sun Shield Dry Oil Veil 
What we often forget about when going to the beach is our hair which can get easily damaged  by the sea salt, wind and sun rays. The Macadamia Sun Shield Dry Oil Veil helps to protect the hair, and colour, nourishes it and gives it a stunning glow. It consists of all the essential ingredients to hydrate and protect the hair such as Macadamia Oil, Argan oil, Avocado Oil, Sunflower Seed Extract and UV absorbers.
I really love the fragrance of this product which is coconut cream and it stays on the hair throughout the day. For best results spray evenly on the hair every two hours and your hair will look as stunning as your tanned skin when you come back from holiday! Available from Feelunique, for £21. 

Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF60

This is a spray sunscreen which I use on my hair to protect the scalp from burning which happened to me too many times. It works amazingly as it is in a pressured container and doesn’t get exposed to sun rays. I got this in the USA so you might be able to get it on Amazon!

No7 Protect and Perfect Intense ADVANCED Facial Suncare SPF50+

I try to keep my makeup minimal when I am at the beach to let my skin rest and recover. This BB Cream evens out the skin tone and cover any imperfection so that you don’t feel completely make-up free. It has an SPF 50 so you can use it instead of your sunscreen and it does a great job. During the two weeks in Mexico, my skin was protected and it didn’t burn once. I will continue using it in London even though the sun is not as strong here, but it is crucial to protect your face to minimise the sun damage. Available from Boots, for £15.

Got2b Oil-licious Styling Oil 
As mentioned in my festival essentials, this is perfect for smoothing down the hair and taming the frizz. I always used it after leaving the pool or the sea and when my hair was drying to give additional shine and hydration. Available from Superdrug, for £3. 
Cuticara Original Hand Gel
I always take with me an antibacterial hand gel to the beach or to the pool just to keep my hands clean and use it whenever I need. I love the one from Cuticara, as it has a lovely cucumber smell. Available from Superdrug, for £1.
Chapstick Flava Craze Watermelon and Quickies Deodorant Wipes 
I got these from the festival pack from for £7.99. The chopstick is perfect for the beach as it has an SPF15 and hydrates the lips throughout the day. I cannot even say how useful were the quickies deodorant wipes! They are super easy to use and take so little space that I took them with me everywhere and used them whenever I needed. Super useful for the beach. 

Ania’s advice:

1. Protect your skin
2. Protect your hair 
3. Enjoy your summer!
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Hi Beauty! 
We are now in the festival season so I thought it would be useful if I show you my festival essentials! Packing for festivals can be very tricky as you have limited amount of space but also need to take all the important items as festivals are usually in quite remote areas and you don’t want to waste your concert time looking for emergency plasters. So here are my festival essentials and I look forward to hearing your thoughts! 

Festival Pack have this amazing offer where they created five festival packs, each including festival essentials. I chose this pack as it has everything I would take with me to a festival – a dry shampoo which is a must- have during a festival; plasters for when your choose the wrong pair of shoes;  deodorant wipes so that you always smell beautiful (and in case there are no luxurious showers); Dextro Energy to give you that energy boost when you need it; and lip balms with an SPF 15 as there is nothing worse than dry and chapped lips. 
The packs are great value for money and it is of course better to buy the bundle than all the products separately. This is the cheapest one, and it costs only £7.99, while the RRP is £9.35. Available from
Got2b Beach Matt Texturising Salt Spray
This is the perfect hair product for a festival as it immiedetely adds volume to your hair without the need of curlers, hairsprays etc. All you need to do is spray it on dry or slightly damp hair, scrunch and tousle-style and wait for the hair to dry. I love to take this product with me as it is so easy to use, the results are immediate and I love the beach style look – it is so Coachella. Available from boots, for £4.19.
Got2b Oil-licious Styling Oil 
This is my other must-have hair product during a festival, as it helps to tame uncontrolled frizz. The oil is also ideal for nourishing the hair during the sunny festival days and minimise the sun damage. I love the delicious tropical  smell of this oil which stays on the hair throughout the day. The bottle is very convenient as it is quite small and plastic so it is easy to take with you to a festival. Available from Superdrug, for £3. 
Environ RAD SPF 15
Moving onto skincare which is crucial especially during the summer, I never forget a sunscreen. During the festival it is super important to use a sunscreen as we are outside all day long. On rainy days or when it is not very sunny I will use the Environ RAD SPF 15 which is an amazing sunscreen. It  is designed for the face, so it contains the right ingredients to nourish the skin as well as to protect it.  This sunscreen is also water resistant so you don’t need to worry if it is raining although you should try to reapply it every 3-4 hours. 
The packaging is travel friendly (100ml tube) so you can even take it with you on the plane. I really like this sunscreen as it does not make my skin sting when I apply it, and it is very gentle and nourishing. It is available from iiaa website, for £19.95.

Nouveau Lashes Natural Styles
You cannot go to a festival without a pair of strip lashes. My favourites are from Nouveau Lashes as they add length and volume but still look very natural. Each pair comes with a small glue which will last you for multiple applications. I would recommend you to always cut the eyelashes to fit your eye shape and remember to apply the lashes with a tweezers. Available from Nouveau Lashes Website,  for £4.96/per box.

Lipgloss by jane iredale 
These beauties are the newest addition to jane iredale’s makeup collection. The three new colours are called Pink Lady, Martini and Hot Cider. They are quite neutral fit all the skin tones and add a little extra to your festival makeup. They are long lasting as well as hydrating thanks to the Moringa butter and avocado oil. Perfect for your festival makeup. Available from jane iredale website, for £19.95. 

Ania’s advice:
1. Remember to pack light 
2. Take all your essentials
3. Don’t forget the sunscreen 

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Hi Gorgeous!
Once again, it is empties time! I always forget to write about them, so expect to see more empties posts over the upcoming weeks! This month’s empties include a bit of everything – skincare, bodycare, haircare and fragrance, enjoy!

Tom Ford Black Orchid
It is not the first time that this perfume lands in my empties. This is my favourite evening and winter fragrance as it is very attractive and unusual. The scent composition is divine and it includes Black Truffle, Ylang, Fresh Bergamot, Black Currant, Lotus Wood, Vanila, Sandalwood,  Balsam, Vetiver and Patchouli. It is very long lasting and just one spray is enough for it to last the whole evening. A must-have. Available for £56/30ml from Selfridges

L’Occitane Lavender Foaming Bath
Spring evenings are perfect for taking a bath and unwinding. I love using the lavender foaming bath from L’Occitane as it is very fresh and smells like lavender fields from Provence. All you need to add is one spoon into your bath to fill the bathroom with lavender scent. The liquid adds lots of bubble to your bath too so I was very happy with this product. It is important to choose a good quality bath soak as some of the substances are not as good for your skin. I would recommend using a trusted brand like L’Occitane. Available for £6 from L’Occitane
L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray Normal Strength 
This is one of the best hairsprays available on the market. It provides the perfect hold, but still makes the hair look natural. Unlike other hairsprays it doesn’t stick the hair together and is easy to wash out. You can get it in large size or in travel size as seen above. Available for £3.23 from Boots
Toni and Guy Dry Shampoo Volume
Everyone needs a dry shampoo, Toni and Guy has really good quality ones, and if you are looking for volume, you will love it. It leaves your hair dry and clean, without making them look like you used a dry shampoo:) Available for £8.25 from Boots.

L’Occitane Neroli Orchidee Body Milk 

I am a fan of perfumed body milks as not only they hydrate my skin, but also can be used instead of perfume. It acts as a perfect perfume base if you want to layer scents. The scent is a mix of neroli and orchid which is ideal for spring and summer – it is one of L’Occitane’s best collection. Available for £5.50 from L’Occitane
Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Oil
This is my go to micellar water. It works wonders, removing all the makeup, leaving my skin cleansed and nourished. My skin is quite dry and sensitive, so I am always on a look out for hydrating products. It comes in 400ml bottle, so it is a real bargain. Available for £3.99 from Boots.
 Ania’s advice:
1. Finish all your products 
2. Go rollerblading 
3. Enjoy the sun!
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I am excited to announce the launch of two new boxes by Latest In Beauty. Latest In Beauty once again did not disappoint with its new launch of beauty boxes in collaboration with Disney. The boxes are themed around the greatly anticipated film, Beauty and The Beast.

The Beauty Box is of course for her, and the Beast Box is for him. I think it is such a wonderful idea, that Latest In Beauty included men in their boxes, and I hope it will encourage them to finally get their own skincare products and stop stealing ours! Scroll down to see what is included in each of the fabulous boxes!

The Beauty Box – For Her 
The Box contains everything you need to look stunning during a fairytale ball! Inside you will  find 7 products from skincare, haircare and makeup categories which will become your daily essentials.

Latest In Beauty Gold Compact Mirror – This limited edition mirror is one of my favourites from the box! Not only it is a beautiful addition to my makeup bag, but will allow me to finally stop using my iPhone camera to see how I look.

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo – Every girl’s handbag essential, Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo will ensure your hair always looks clean and luscious. It is very light, doesn’t weigh your hair down and can give you another clean hair day (or two). And the smell is irresistible! 

Gatineau Radiance Enhancing Gommage – There is nothing more glamorous than clear, glowing skin. Use the Gatineau Radiance Enhancing Gommage to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Filled with enzymes and Vitamin C, it will clean your pores and refine skin texture.  
Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet – I always talk about hydration, and we all know that hydration is the key to glowing skin. I love the consistency of this product as it literally feels like a sorbet, which quickly sinks in and leaves your skin hydrated and prepped for makeup. And we all know you just cannot go wrong with Caudalie. 

Burt’s Bees Lipstick In Sunset Cruise Or Blush Basin (Blush Basin above) – Burt’s Bees are the best lip balms on the market as they are made with 100% natural ingredients, they always hydrate and nourish the lips, fixing even the most chapped lips. The lipstick is exactly the same but has an additional benefit of colouring your lips. I am so glad, Latest In Beauty included this lipstick, as finally I found a hydrating, and intense coloured lipstick. A must-have.

Soigne Betteraves Rouges Nail Polish – No other nail polish colour is as elegant as red. It goes with every evening dress, unless you decide to go very avant garde. The brand creates luxury ECO nail polishes, which are formulated without carcinogens and 85% of the ingredients are plant- sourced materials. ECO friendly and glamorous.

L’Occitane Roses Et Reines Hand And Nail Cream – L’Occitane has the best hand creams, and I always talk about them, so of course I am a fan of this product as well. The cream is very hydrating, and will be your rescue product even if your hands are extremely dry. It is perfect for spring time as it smells like freshly cut roses. 
The Beauty Box is worth £80, but costs only £20! Get your hands on one from Latest In Beauty Website

The Beast Box – For Him 
The Beast Box is worth over £100, but is available for only £20. It includes six classic men’s grooming products: a Gillette Fusion ProGlide FlexBall Razor, Penhaligon’s N°33 Face and Beard Scrub, The Refinery Shave Foam Gel, The Great British Grooming Co Beard Oil, Gatineau Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Eye Roll-On and Lalique L’Hommage à l’Homme Voyageur fragrance (detailed review coming soon). 

Ania’s advice:
1. Get the Beauty Box 
2. Use the stunning box to store your jewellery 
3. Treat your loved one with The Beast Box


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Hi Beauties! 
December has been a super busy month and it has passed super quickly for me! Christmas shopping, Christmas and then skiing trip! I had lots of favourites that I wanted to share with you from this month without which I probably wouldn’t have survived 😉

Revlon uniq ONE All In One Hair Treatment
I love December but with December always comes the cold, scarves and coats which I also love but the scarves always end up tangling my hair. This year I discovered the treatment from Revlon which has been literally my rescue. This leave-in treatment is applied after you wash and condition your hair. All you need to do is to spray your hair and then brush through leaving you with untangled and gorgeous hair. 
It can be used on both wet and dry hair. I usually use it on wet hair to nourish, condition and untangle my hair, but you can use it on dry hair as a styling product. It is available also in the lotus flower and coconut versions but the classic one is definitely my favourite! Available from Amazon, £7.99. 
Maybeline Lash Sensational Mascara 
This is my current favourite drugstore mascara! It works wonders, thickening and lengthening your eyelashes. It has a silicone wand which separates the lashes, creating a stunning false lash effect. The mascara looks best when applied in layers, the first separates and captures the smallest lashes and volumises the longer ones, the second will result in a irresistible multiplied lash look. Available in Boots, £7.99. 
Nailsinc for Marie Claire Nail Polish 
I got this for free with a copy of Marie Claire and I absolutely love this pastel nail polish. Nail polish usually doesn’t last long on my nails but this one lasts for 4-5 days which is pretty good! The colour is a light, pastel purple which is ideal in the winter months. An absolute must-have. I cannot find it anywhere but the closest one is probably Primrose-Hill Lane Gel Effect, available from Boots, £15. 
Slimming Solutions Teatox 
Before New Year’s Eve we always experience the panic attack and sudden motivation to lose weight and look gorgeous during the party. Most of the time, half way through the month we give up, as weightloss during such short period of time is impossible without help, but now I found a helping agent so you can lose weight in just 28 days. Teatox from Slimming Solutions is an effective tea detox which consists of both daytime and evening blend. 
The daytime blend is to be enjoyed in the morning after waking up. The daytime blend is a mix of Chinese Oolong tea, Siberian Ginseng, Fennel, Lemongrass, Nettle leaves, Ginger root, Dandelion leaf, Ginseng root and Salvia militorrhiza.
The evening blend should be enjoyed every other evening before bed, and at least 30 minutes before the last meal of the day. The evening blend is a mix of Senna leaves, Hawthorn leaves, Lotus leaves, Fenugreek seeds, Burdock root, Peppermint, Psyllium seeds, Valerian root and Liquorice root.
The teatox has cleansing effect, helps constipation and bloating and increases energy levels. I really enjoyed this 28 day pack. Both teas taste great, and over the time I felt better, healthier and I felt that my skin improved as well. The Teatox also increased my metabolism, improved my digestion and made me feel much healthier. Available from Slimming Solutions, £34.99. 
Mitchum Advanced Women 48h Protection Powder Fresh Antiperspirant
This is my winter deodorant. It offers maximum protection, using its new oxygen odour control technology. It really reduces sweating, odour and helps to stay fresh throughout the day. It is also very hydrating as it contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E so you can always use it, even if you just shaved your underarms. It is a creamy deodorant and so it does leave marks on dark clothes, however, that is why I use it in winter months as you always wear long sleeves! Available from Boots, £3.20.

 Skinfix Hand Repair Cream 
During the winter months my hands always get very dry because of the weather extremes. Sometimes I experience extremely dry hands and to be honest with you till this day I haven’t found a great hand cream, until I tried this Skinfix. The cream is very thick, fragrance free and very hydrating. Whenever I have dry skin patches I just apply this and after 2-3 applications they tend to disappear.   
It contains sweet almond oil, Shea butter and vitamin E which are very nutritious and help to create a barrier to protect the skin from the irritants and helps to lock in the moisture. If you suffer from dry hands, this is a cream to try. Available in Boots, £12.99. 
Ania’s advice:
1. Enjoy the last days of 2016
2. Dress up for New Year’s Eve
3. Get ready for new challenges!

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Hi Beauties  
I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas and you had some downtime to relax and unwind! The December Libbie Club box is filled with goodies that will help you recover after this super busy Christmas period, with all the shopping, cooking and family events! All the products are available on my libbie club page here . Enjoy!

The Hero Project UNDO: Bi Phase Waterproof Eye Makeup Eraser 
During the festive period we always need to look stunning, with beautiful makeup and gorgeous hair. I love to put on multiple layers of mascara to achieve the false lash effect, but obviously this is also much more difficult to remove. We all know that rubbing a cotton pad on your eye is not the best way to remove makeup, so the best thing to do is to buy a waterproof eye makeup remover and then place the soaked cotton pad on the eye to melt away all the makeup. 
This makeup remover from the Hero Project is a dual-action micellar and oil formula which effectively removes the makeup without the need to continuously rub. Although it is oil based, it does not make your skin oil. What I love about this remover is that it comes with a pump so that you use just the right amount, and avoid product wastage. A makeup junkie must have!
Wonderland Cosmetics Studio Finish Primer
I hate to reapply my makeup during Christmas parties or New Year Eve as I am usually to busy having fun! This primer is super light and it will even out your skin, and ensure that your makeup stays flawless throughout your evening. Take a pea sized amount and apply evenly on your skin. It evens our your skin, reduces the appearance of pores as well as fine lines and maintains perfect makeup all night. If you like long lasting makeup, it is a perfect addition to your makeup bag.

Viviscal  Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir
With all the heat styling, hair drying and straightening the hair is weakened and more prone to breaking. As you all know I am a fan of hair oils, and leave in treatments as I use them daily. This densifying elixir from Viviscal is there to revive your hair. It boosts hair volume, hydrates the hair and provides the nutrients needed for growth and shine. This is definitely worth purchasing, especially if you have thin or damaged hair. 
Ania’s advice:
1. Always remove makeup 
2. Give your hair some loving 
3. Think of New Year’s Resolutions!

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