Hi Gorgeous

Yes, it is official. Last weekend we did change our clocks to the winter time, which means that summer is officially over. This does not mean that we need to cry and look back at our summer photos and wish it did not end. This time is the perfect time to embrace the new season and the beauty of winter. If you are still regretting the end of the summer period, I found something that will keep you busy, October Favourites! 

NYX Illuminator (Shade Magnetic)
NYX has been loved in the US and now it is finally coming to the UK. It recently opened its counter in Selfridges and it is also available in Boots. This illuminator looks really good on cheeks, it has quite a lot of shimmer so it gives you this fresh, glowing look + you can use it on face and body. It blends in easily, and it is available in 5 shades so if you have a different skin colour you will find something for yourself as well ūüėČ (Available¬†here, ¬£8.50)

NYX Butter Lipstick (Shade Lollies)
The range of butter lipsticks is my favourite as they moisturise your lips, so you will not get the dry lips feeling half way through the day. This colour is quite natural, so it is ideal for everyday makeup  look. Lovely packaging, lovely product. If you are a lipstick fan, NYX Butter Lipsticks are the ones to try. (Available here, £5.50)
F.O.Y Absolute Nectar Massage Oil
Fountain of Youth is a new brand which specialises in anti ageing products. I recently tried their nourishing massage oil and I actually loved it. It comes in a great size of 200 ml so it will lasts for a long time as you only need to use a little bit. It has a delicate, quite sweet scent which add that ‘something’ to your massage. I used it as a part of my evening routine, and massaged it into my skin, to get silky skin the next day. It is filled with three oils, jojoba, avocado and olive oil, which are all great for your skin, and will keep it nourished and glowing. (Available¬†here)¬†

Vita Coco Coconut Oil 
As you probably noticed, I am a fan of all sorts of oils and everything that is natural. Vita Coco recently introduced this coconut oil to the UK market and I was sent a sample to try out. What is important when choosing a coconut oil, is that it is organic, extra virgin and cold pressed. If it fulfils all these criteria then it there are good chances that it is a good quality oil. I liked using this oil for my body as a moisturiser, for my hair as a mask and for my legs as a shaving cream. You can also use this for cooking, so if you get bored of it in your bathroom, it will make your food taste great ūüôā For a free sample go¬†here. (Available in Boots, ¬£10/500ml)¬†

Etude House Baking Powder 

The thing with Korean products is that they all have such cute packaging *-*. This baking powder is literally a white powder to which you add water and then wash your face. It has no particular scent, but thats good because you don’t need to be worry about having of artificial fragrance on your face. It deeply cleanses your skin, and after few weeks of using I could see that my complexion looked brighter and clearer. Definitely a must-have. I would recommend it for more combination or oily skin, and if you have dry skin then use it only twice a week¬†(Available¬†here¬†¬£8.99).
Nanokeratin RE Vitalise
I am always up for trying new haircare products, but since my hair is quite dry, I am constantly on a lookout for nourishing products. Before trying out the Nanokeratin products, I heard a lot good things about the brand so finally I got the chance to test it out! I enjoyed using the shampoo as well as the conditioner. The key was to let the products work on your hair instead of washing them off immediately to get the optimal results. The shampoo and the mask combined together made my hair smooth, frizz free and revitalised it. I am definitely going to consider purchasing a full size product. The only downside is that it is quite pricey but your hair is worth the investment ūüėȬ†

Ania’s advice:
1. Change something in your beauty routine
2. Love your skin
3. Drink Pumpkin Spice Latte


Hi Gorgeous 

Hope your autumn is going well, mine definitely is ūüôā I have a few products that I would like to share with you today which I really enjoyed using during September. I have something from haircare, skincare and make-up so I hope you will like it and share with me what were your favourite beauty products x

 Shwarzkopf Essence Ultimate Omega Repair Shampoo

This new range from Shawarzkopf has stolen my heart. I haven’t used this brand as much before so I did not know what to expect but I was amazed when I tried it. My hair is quite difficult to manage as it tends to get dry and tangled so the moment I use the wrong shampoo I will spend the next two hours untangling my hair. With this shampoo my hair has been looking great, hydrated and shiny again. This shampoo is definitely worth purchasing and trying (Available¬†here¬†¬£4.99)
 Shwarzkopf Essence Ultimate Omega Repair Conditioner
The¬†conditioner is always what defines a good hair range. The Ultimate Omega Repair Conditioner is divine, I cannot quite define the smell but it smells great! It is a very hydrating product, but it does not weight my hair down, so I can apply it on the whole surface of my hair excluding the roots (if that makes sense!). My tip is to leave it on for few minutes whilst you use your shower gel, do a face scrub or any other ritual. This will ensure that the conditioner has enough time to work through your hair and really nourish it. This range claims to repair inside damage hair cells & prevents split ends by up to 90%, and after using it I can tell you I believe it ūüôā (Available¬†here¬†¬£4.99)

The Body Shop Honey & Oat 3 in 1 Scrub Mask

This is already my second pot of this mask and I use it religiously. It is made of honey and oats so you can probably imagine how gorgeous it smells. It is a 3 in 1 product, meaning it is a scrub, a cleanser and a moisturiser in one. I apply it whenever I want a little pamper session and it really puts me in a great mood. Lovely smell, lovely results, lovely product! For a full review see my¬†review of the mask here¬†ūüôā (Available¬†here¬†¬£11)
The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
This is probably the best drugstore concealer on the market right now. It provides great coverage, hides away any imperfections and conceals dark circles. In short Рit does it all. I use it all year round especially during automn and winter when my tan fades away (Available here £4.19) 

Burt’s Bee Honey Lip Balm¬†
I always like Burt’s Bees as a brand… I started liking it even more after I saw the film Burt’s Buzz which was a great documentary and every beauty blogger should watch it! This is a marvellous lip balm, it nourishes dry, chapped lips and smells soooo good. I think the magic is in the bees wax, I love bees… and the best part about this lip balm? It is 100% natural *-* (Available¬†here¬†¬£3.69)

Sunkissed Bronzer in Medium
Lately, I was looking for a large bronzer which would look good on my skin and would have a bit of shimmer in it. I fount this one from Sunkissed and I really liked it. I am loving the packaging and the two different colours that you can mix in for darker or lighter shades. The bronzer looks amazing on my cheeks and it stays on for the whole day. And come on… it is very very pretty! (Available¬†here¬†¬£4.99)

Ania’s advice
1. Stay positive even thought is autumn 
2. Send me your favourites
3. Go on an Autumn Haul 

Hi Goregous
Many of you will be probably going on an amazing adventure this summer, flying to another continent, travelling with your friends or working in a different country. This post will be useful for those of you who will go on a long haul flight or for those who want to have a little spa time during your flight. 

Step 1 Haircare
Let your hair down and put 5 drops of Aveda Dry Remedy on your hands and then run your hands through the hair massaging the product in. The Aveda oil is perfect for long haul flights as it consists of essential oils so it has also aromatherapy which will ensure you are relaxed and enjoy your flight. Tie your hair up so that it does not bother you during the spa routine.

Step 2 Remove Make-Up
Remove your make- up with cleansing wipes or Bioderma. I chose the Yes To Cucumber wipes as they are easy to use and they are good for normal and sensitive skin so probably most of you will be able to use them. Also they are 95% natural so should not cause any irritation, plus the packaging is very handy as you can easily open it and close it without the wipes drying up. 
Step 2 Refresh Your Skin
After I remove my make-up I like to spray my face with the L’Occitane Essential Water to refresh my skin and prepare it for the face mask. You can spray it directly on your face and neck and then pat try with your hands or spray it on a cotton pad and then apply it on your face.¬†
Step 4 Face Mask
How many times have you left the plane and felt like your skin is dry, looks disgusting and needs a facial? If I travel even for 3 hours I get this feeling so this part of the routine is crucial as it moisturises the skin, creates a protective layer between your skin and the airplane air which as you know is not always fresh and great for skin. The face mask I chose is a clear, moisturising mask from Lancome, so that it is not an embarrassment to keep it on ūüôā This mask is infused with Botanical Extracts and it is intensely hydrating, leaving the skin looking plump and healthy.
I learnt this from Lisa Eldridge who applies a thin layer of the mask first and massages it in, and if your skin is dehydrated the mask will sink in. Then you would apply another layer so that the mask is continuously working on your skin.

Step 5 Eyes

If you went partying the night before, look tired or just want to diminish your eye bags, I would recommend using the Clinique All About Eyes Cream. Apply it around the eyes to get rid of any puffiness, dark circles or lines. You can reapply during the flight. 

Step 6 Hand Care
Obviously you need to moisturise your hands. I suggest taking a small hand cream, I got one from L’Occitane with a gift set, and as you all know almond is my favourite scent and it is also firming so perfect for dry, tired looking skin.
Step 7 Lips

Remember to keep your lips moisturised during the flight <3 Use any moisturising lip balm or vaseline. 

Step 8 Repeat
If the flight is very long reapply the mask, lip balm, hand cream and the hair cream so that you get the most out of your flight and leave the plane looking like a celebrity *-*
Step 9 Sleep + Relax
If it is a long flight you should also¬†enjoy yourself, relax and sleep so that when you land you look fresh and rested. Watch a movie you wanted to watch for a while, listen to music or read a magazine. This is your time to enjoy yourself and relax, you don’t need to do anything…

Step 10 Cleanse + Moisturise
When you are close to landing, start removing the products from your face. The best product to use would be something like Clarins One Step Cleanser or Bioderma. Soak a cotton pad with it, and then remove the mask from your face. You can spray your face with L’Occitane Essential Water and remove it with a cotton pad as well. Follow up with a sample size moisturiser which will act as a perfect base for your make-up.

Step 11 Make-up 
Reapply your make-up before landing so that you feel good, I would go for a natural look as your skin will look stunning so powder foundation, concealer and mascara will look perfect on your skin.

Step 12 Landing 

You look perfect, your skin looks fresh and plumped up! You look rested, glamorous and definitely ready for holiday, adventure or work. Be careful of all the attention though ūüėČ

Ania’s advice:
1. Don’t be afraid to do your beauty routine on a plane
2. Use every opportunity to take care of your skin
3. Always look 10 years younger *-*

Hello Divine One

Last Wednesday I attended an Exclusive Aveda/ Marie Claire Event at Aveda Salon in Covent Garden. The event definitely positively surprised me and I had an amazing time, with the AVEDA team. (They are all so gorgeous)

During the event there were many attractions and I enjoyed every single one of them <3 Here is what I did:

Speed-dating the hairdressers:
Everyone could talk to the hairstylist or colour specialists and then move onto the next person when a bell rang – like during speed-dating. I spoke to four experts who gave me great advice which I will definitely use when going for a haircut next time.¬†They were all very friendly and gave me compliments ūüôā No negative comments at all!
If you have long hair like me, this is what you should do:  

1. Layer your hair to add it texture and volume

2. Sleep in plats to have a dreamy texture next day 

3. Consider a fringe or layer the front of your hairstyle to make it more interesting

4. If you want to have smooth hair, use AVEDA Smooth Range

5. If you have dry hair, apply oils/masks to your hair and go into the sauna so it really nourishes your hair.

6. If you have beautiful blonde hair, DO NOT EVERY DYE IT!

PS my favourite hairstylist were Michael & Zac ūüôā
Hand & Shoulder Massage
It sounds divine, and trust me it was. The professional staff ensured that the massages were relaxing & calming. They used the stress-fix range which smells of fresh lavender, as well as essential oils. It was a marvellous experience, which me and my beautiful friend (picture below) enjoyed with a glass of champagne. *-* Take me back please!
Testing products
Of course, as a beauty obsessed person I spent a lot of time talking to the girls working at the event about AVEDA products, what they use and what are their favourite products. They all loved loved loved the Damage Remedy, Stress-Fix Lotion and Dry Remedy, and guess what? All of these amazing products were in a goodie bag at the end of the event *-* which was really a cherry on top!

Thank you so much AVEDA & Marie Claire for this event! I really enjoyed it and will definitely come back. Review on AVEDA products will be up soon <3

Ania’s Advice:
1. Definitely visit AVEDA salon
2. Do touch everyone’s hair and ask what products they use
3. Go on AVEDA haul with your bf *-*