I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful summer vibes we are getting this June from London’s weather. I have been super busy travelling around Europe lately, and in the meantime I have been trying new skincare brands. An interesting brand that I discovered recently is JK7 which is a 100% natural, premium skincare brand.

The products are made with active and very precious ingredients, including premium essential oils, signature extracts and powerful JK7 Satyric Herbal Extracts. As the products are 100% natural, the fragrance is composed of essential oils, which not only benefit the skin but also your mind. The products can be kept open only for 3 months which also proves their natural composition.

All the products are handmade in Hawaii, in a boutique production facility which is also part of the world’s first holistic, non-medical stress centre. The products are rather expensive but the high price is based on the cost of the natural organic raw materials which cost up to $55,000 per kilogram/ litre.

I really liked using the Foaming Face Wash which is the perfect face wash after a long day, as it smells of calming patchouli and ylang ylang. It was very gentle, and worked amazingly as a second step of my skincare routine. It contains self- processed extracts of organic herbs, Rose flower buds, Calendula as well as German Chamomile Flowers. It is also high in Vitamin C & E and the signature extracts high in anti-oxidants. A very luxurius treat after work. Available from Grace Belgravia for £250/100ml.


Ania’s advice

1. Try Natural Skincare PRoducts

2.Sort out your beauty cabinet

3.Plan a weekend getaway



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Hope you are having a majestic weekend, and will have some downtime as the Royal Wedding fever is over ūüôā My perfect way of relaxing is trying new, exciting products and working on my blog! I recently received some gorgeous products from Jane Iredale, Environ and Advanced Nutrition Programme, and I finally got around to trying them out. Also as a limited time offer, I have a discount code for you, which entitles you to 15% off your purchase at Jane Iredale and Advanced Nutrition Programme. Use KIND15¬†at the Checkout (valid until 31.05.2018). Enjoy my review!

save-new 6

Environ Skin Essential Low Foam Cleansing Gel 

Cleansing is actually one of the most important steps in our routine. If your face is not clean before applying moisturisers and serums, you will do more harm than good. Environ just launched their new Skin EssentiA Low Foam Cleansing Gel which removes makeup, impurities and excess oil without stripping the skin. It is very gentle, easy to rinse, and it maintains the waterproofing barrier of the skin, as the surfactants and conditioning agents moisturise the skin whilst cleansing.

As I have dry skin, I always need hydrating products, especially when cleansing. This product left my skin feeling totally cleansed, yet hydrated which is wonderful! The best way to use this Cleansing Gel is after your first cleansing step such as cleansing balm or face wash. Then you can follow up with your Environ Serum and Moisturiser. I have to also point out the price point, which is very reasonable especially that you are getting Environ! Available from Harvey Nichols and stockists Р IIAA Website  for £32.

save-new 2

Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Collagen Plus 

Collagen is responsible for your skin’s strength, firmness and elasticity. Did you know that at the age of 30, the skin loses 1.5% of collagen per year? While at 40, it starts decreasing at 15% per year. Environmental factors will also cause collagen to break down more quickly, which is why it is crucial to supply your body with collagen via nutrition.

The new launch from Advanced Nutrition Programme is the perfect set for home care. It contains Skin Collagen Support as well as Skin Vit C.

Skin Collages Support: contains plant nutrient antioxidants and complex of vitamins which are the building blocks for collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Take 2 capsules per day with food.

Skin Vit C: Vitamin C – boost radiance, protects the skin and forms collagen. Skin Vit C combines Vit C with bioflavoids which supports collagen formation. It also recycles othe antioxidants and supports healthy blood vessels. Take one tablet per day with food.

3 Benefits: help to firm the skin, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, plumps & protects.

Available from Advanced Nutrition Programme Website for £36.

save-new 4

PureMoist Lipstick Tricia& Jamie

I love Jane Iredale’s lipsticks as they are very hydrating and long lasting. These new shades have just been added to the PureMoist collection. The Tricia Lipstick (left) is a beautiful nude colour, perfect for everyday makeup or evening if you want to focus on the eyes. Jaimie (right) feels more like a burgundy shade, it looks amazing on brunettes as well as blondes. Both are available from¬†Jane Iredale Website¬†for ¬£19.95.

save-new 3

Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner Sapphire & Emerald 

Two new additions to the Jane Iredale’s family include¬†Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner in shades of Sapphire & Emerald. Both are incredibly beautiful and perfect for the summer. I am a huge fan of the Sapphire colour as it brings out my eye colour. The eyeliner is easy to use and does not smudge. It is also very long-lasting, which is always a plus! Available from ¬†Jane Iredale Website¬†for ¬£22.

save-new 5

Ania’s advice:

1.Make cleansing your priority

2.Focus on nutrition

3.Experiment with makeup

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Hello Everyone!

Hope you are enjoying the sunny weather, and like me cannot wait for the summer time! Summer is my favourite season, and I am always out and about during those warm, sunny days. Spring is an important period for me, as I always try to prepare my skin for the sun, sea exposure and the hot weather. For the last four weeks I have been testing the Murad Resurgence range and I wanted to share with you the results.


Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum 

When we are in our 20s, we often forget about the eye area and focus on face alone. The skin around the eye area is very delicate and it is essential to keep it nourished and hydrated at all times.

The eye serum from Murad helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet and under eye circles. After using it for four weeks, I noticed an improvement in the appearance of my eye area, as the dark circles were reduced and the skin was nourished, hydrated and brighter. I could also feel that the skin appeared plump and healthy. If you are searching for an effective eye serum, I have just found you the perfect match! Available from¬†Murad Website¬†for ¬£65.


Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream 

Did you know that the skin recovers during the night time? This is why it is crucial to use great quality night cream as it has a strong influence on the appearance of your skin. The Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream, promises to ‘activate youth while you sleep’ with its Retinol Tri-Active Technology.

Retinol is well-known for its strong youth enhancing properties. From my experience, I think retinol is actually one of the most effective ingredients in anti-ageing creams which is why you should also choose creams which contain retinol if you are looking for anti-ageing results.

I found that the Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream worked amazingly as it really nourished and hydrated my skin. I woke up with a beautiful, smooth and glowing complexion. It feels very luxurious and rich, and gets absorbed into the skin easily. I also liked the packaging of the cream, as it dispenses the cream as you press the top, which makes it very hygienic and prolongs the ‘life’ of the active ingredients. Available from¬†Murad Website¬†for ¬£65.

Ania’s Advice:¬†

1. Focus on the eye area

2.Invest in a good night cream

3.Plan a weekend trip!

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I don’t know if you know but tomorrow I am off to Nepal & Bhutan for 9 days. I am super excited, literally cannot wait! As I have limited space in my luggage I can only take the essentials. Here is what I chose to take with me!


Environ RAD SPF 15

Right now it is very warm in Nepal so I will be using stronger SPF but this cream is perfect for Bhutan weather as we will be hiking, flying with helicopters and discovering mountains. You should remember to always wear and SPF, and the one from Environ is great as it is also hydrating and skin friendly. Available for £19.99 from Environ Stockists. 

Environ Focus Care Youth + Tri- Peptide Complex  + Advance Elixir

Did you know that using a serum with a moisturiser increases its effectiveness. Environ makes amazing skincare products, the Environ Focus care helps to hydrate the skin, and targets signs of ageing and hyper pigmentation. It contains three powerful peptide complexes which nourish and brighten the skin and slow down the signs of ageing. In addition it protects the skin from the UV radiation and pollution. The UV radiation is much stronger on planes so you should remember to apply serums as well as SPF when taking a flight too. Find your stockist at IIAA Website.

Dr. Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Brightening Eye Serum 

I will try to avoid wearing too much makeup, especially when in Bhutan as the air is incredibly clean. Did you know that smoking is absolutely forbidden there? If you are pale, you will know that dark circles are quite difficult to get rid off. Fortunately I recently discovered the Superfood Brightening Eye Serum which smooths, nourishes and brightens the eye area. Please note you do need to use it at least for a week to see results!  Available for £19.99 from Dr. Botanicals Website.



L’Occitane Shea Hand Cream¬†

Best hand cream EVER, keeps your hands hydrated and smelling beautifully. Get yours now from¬†L’Occitane¬†, for ¬£8.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Eau De Parfum 

This is my new, favourite perfume. It is sweet, spicy and heavy. As the name says it is a mix of Tobacco & Vanille and the best thing about this perfume is very long lasting so you can smell it throughout the day. I chose it for this trip it as I won’t have time to reapply whilst trekking XD. It is a very complex perfume, with multiple layers, I cannot recommend it enough! Available from¬†House OF Fraser, ¬£158.


Philip Kingsley Body & Volume Jet Set 

Whenever I travel, I always take the best haircare products with me, as I cannot stand tangled hair. Philip Kingsley is well known for its great quality products, and after trying them, I can honestly say that I would take them with me anywhere around the world.

The Body & Volume Jet Set is a perfect set for hydration as well as volume. It contains the Body Building Shampoo & Conditioner and their most famous Elasticizer which is the literally my go-to remedy when my hair is a mess. This Xmas set is perfect to keep the hair hydrated but luscious and voluminous. A must-have. Available from Philip Kingsley, for £27.


Elemis Superfood Day Cream & Night Cream 

These are my two favourite face creams lately. When travelling skincare is crucial so I always take with me tested products which I know work. Full review here.


Lavender & Lillie Praslin, Seychelles 

It is important that you don’t forget to moisturise your body when travelling and doing sports, to ensure your skin always looks good on pictures :). I reviewied the products from the series¬†here. Available from¬†Lavender & Lillie Website, for ¬£18.

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo 

I always take dry shampoo with me on holiday as you never know when you might need it. I am currently loving the dry shampoo from Amika. It is super light and absorbs any oil and dirt making my hair look fresh and voluminous again. Available from Birchbox, for £20.

Ania’s advice:

1 . Book an exotic holiday

2. Clean out your wardrobe

3. Focus on haircare





Happy Spring!

Although the weather doesn’t reflect it yet, we are now in Spring! I am not a huge fan of winter, so when it ends, I come back to life ūüôā I recently went to an amazing launch event hosted by Elemis, where they presented their new Superfood range – which I love!

So what is so special about this new range?

First of all, this superfood range contains a Pre-Biotic which supports the microflora on the skin which helps to balance and maintain the skin’s delicate ecosystem. The range is filled with Supergreen and Supergrain Complexes which are filled with anti-oxidants, omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

After testing it for the last three weeks, I must say that it works wonders. There are four products in the new range. Keep reading to find out more ūüôā


Elemis Superfood Facial Wash 

This face wash is perfect for removing make-up without drying out the skin. The natural Pre-Biotic helps to balance the skin’s microflora, as well as keep it nourished. Massage it gently into the skin, and wash off with lukewarm water for best results. The Facial Wash can be used in the morning and evening. I found that it was a great cleanser, that did not make my skin dry, and it effectively removed make-up, excess oil and dirt. For best results follow up with a toner. Available for ¬£25 from¬†Elemis.

Ingredients: Wheatgrass Extract, Broccoli Seed, Kale Extract, Nettle Extract, Avocado Oil, Organic Pumpkin Seed.


Elemis Superfood Day Cream  

This day cream is deeply hydrating, and gave my skin a healthy glow. I could really feel that my skin stayed hydrated throughout the day, without the need to re-apply the moisturiser. The Superfood cream contains antioxidants, Pro-Biotic and Lactobionic Acid which enhances hydration and brightness. Available for £42 from Elemis.

Ingredients: Goji Berry, Broccoli Seed, Ginger Ferment, Matcha Tea, Daikon Radish, Green Mandarin, Cucumber Salad.

Elemis Superfood Night Cream  

I know many of you will use the same cream for day and night, however it is important to have a special night cream as your skin regenerates during the night time. The fatty acids help to replenish nutrients as well as hydrate the skin and the Pro-Biotic helps to balance the skin’s microflora. I must admit that I was very impressed by this cream as I woke up with a plump and hydrated skin.¬†Available for ¬£46 from¬†Elemis.

Ingredients: Barley, Chia Seed, Quinoa, Black Seed, Flax Seed, Rice Bran


Elemis Superfood Facial Oil 

The Superfood Facial Oil is definitely my favourite, containing 9 anti-oxidant and omega rich superfood oils, it provides the skin with all the nutrients it needs. Like all the the other products from the Superfood range, it has a relaxing, herbal scent, perfect for the evening routine. I used this oil in the evenings to keep my skin nourished and glowing, as it provides the extra care your skin needs. Available for £45 from Elemis.

Ingredients: Broccoli Seed Oil, Cucumber Oil, Daikon Radish Oil, Flax Seed Oil, Macadamia Oil, Poppy Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Rosehip Oil

I can honestly say that these four products work amazingly together, and my skin felt absolutely wonderful. It was cleansed, nourished and glowing and I would recommend it to anyone!

Ania’s advice:

– Always cleanse your skin

– Use a facial oil, day and night moisturisers

– Plan your summer <3

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Happy February!

2018 has been incredibly busy so please accept my apologies for lack of posting. I was in Italy skiing, then thrown back into the world of work, and then I headed over to Dubai for my best friend’s wedding. Have a look at my Instagram¬†@glossy.ania to see what I have been up to! Anyway it is time for my January favourites! This month, I have been loving skincare, fragrances, and makeup and, of course – jewellery! Enjoy!

FullSizeRender-10Twilly d’Hermes

Before Christmas, I attended an in conversation event with Christine Nagel, Hermes’ in-house perfumer, the creator of Twilly. The talk was organised by the Fragrance Foundation and it was an incredible evening. Christine spoke about the world of perfumers, and how powerful a fragrance is nowadays.

Her latest launch was Twilly, an incredible perfume, which I fell in love with and bought a full size bottle. It is an oriental floral scent, featuring the key notes of Tuberose, Sandalwood and Ginger. I already received lots of compliments and would highly recommend it. Available from House of Fraser.

Annie Haak Santeenie Silver Charm Bracelet – Love

My latest discover is a lovely jewellery brand, Annie Haak, you can find beautiful, delicate bracelets which you can collect and mix together. I already have one, but will definitely be back for more ūüôā
I received this lovely candle from a brand called Mini Moderns. It is a lovely online store where you can buy beautiful accessories for your home such as candles, diffusers, cushions and many others. I am a big fan of candles, especially when they have a stunning fragrance. The Darjeeling candle smells like a luxurious tea blend, with strong accents of fig and a bit of spicy white pepper. My guests have complimented the scent and I often light it up during the cold winter evenings. The burning time is 50 hours so it should last you until the end of winter ūüôā
This is my current favourite day cream. Not only it feels and looks luxurious, but it also does an amazing job in hydrating my skin. It has a rich consistency, but gets absorbed into the skin quickly, leaving it feeling plump and looking radiant. The cream has protective and repairing properties, and delays the damaging effects of everyday exposure as well as free radicals. I felt that my skin was more hydrated after I started using the Immunocologie cream, and it reduced any redness as well as puffiness. If you suffer from dry skin and struggle to find a cream that works, you should give this one a try!
Serum is a very important part of the beauty routine as it helps to nourish the skin and lock-in the moisture. I recently discovered a brand called Previse, which has a wonderful range of skincare products. They are free of fragrance, detergents and petrochemicals, so you don’t need to worry about skin irritation or harmful effects.
I have been using the Previse Ozone Defence Nutrify Serum for the last two weeks, and I was very happy with the results. The serum is oil- free, rich in vitamins B3, B5 and C as well as hyaluronic acid which help to lock-in the moisture, fight oxidative damage and create a protective barrier. I found that the serum was light and easy to apply, and it made my skin glowing and hydrated.
This is my biggest discovery of the month, as this mascara works wonders and only costs £3.30! It made my lashes super voluminous and long, and I received multiple compliments when wearing it. It does not stick the lashes together, but creates a false lash effect. I am loving the packaging too, and would recommend it for sure as it is such a good bargain.
You can never have enough brushes right? I got these two brushes from Avril Organic, and they are so good at applying makeup. The fun brush is amazing for applying highlighter, and helps to get an even finish. The foundation brush is ideal for concealer and is perfect at blending the product in. I also tried a lip pencil in shade Violine, and I found the colour absolutely stunning. Head over to Avril Organic Website to discover a wide range of products which are available at a bargain price point,
This February, Lypsyl has created the perfect lip balms to help you maintain the perfect pout. Available in Strawberry Pomegranate and Cherry Almond scents, the lip balms help to protect and repair chapped lips. My lips felt very hydrated when using lip balms from Lypsyl thanks to the wonderful ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter, coconut butter and beeswax. I will be getting these lip balms for my girlfriends instead of flowers this V- Day ūüôā


Happy Winter! 

We have one more week until Christmas which is super exciting! I have almost all of my gifts ready, I hope you have them too. If not check out my gift guides for inspiration ūüôā

This guide is all about stocking fillers, and as I know you are all very busy, I decided just to include pictures, links and prices to make this blog post as short as possible!


Love OPI XOXO 2017 Nail Polish Collection (Can be split between multiple stockings) Рavailable from Nail Polish Direct, for £44.95.


Amika Dry Shampoo Рavailable from for £6.68.

Urban Veda Soothing Facial Oil Рavailable from Urban Veda, for £29.99.

Merci Handy Hello Sunshine Р available from Topshop, for £3.

Feather & Down Pillow Spray Рavailable from Boots, for £7.

Percy & Reed Wonder Balm Рavailable from Feelunique, for £18.


I Am So…? Eau De Parfum –¬†available¬†from¬†Boots,¬†from ¬£2.99.

So…? Floral Crush Fragrance Mist¬†– available from¬†Boots, ¬£2.49.

So…? Dark Romance¬†– available from¬†Boots, ¬£2.99.

So…? Sheer Illusion – available from¬†Boots, ¬£1.99.


Aquis Hair Lisse Luxe Headband Рavailable from Feelunique, for £15.

The Gypsy Shrine РDark Unicorn Cosmetic Glitter Рavailable from The Gypsy Shrine, for £4.50.


Ania’s advice:

– Find your perfect Christmas Stocking Fillers

– Get your Christmas Jumper Ready

– Watch ‘Love Actually’

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Hi Beauty!

I know that we are still in November but it is time to get started with our Christmas Shopping, so over the upcoming weeks I will be posting my Xmas gift guides and stocking filler ideas! I will be including items from across beauty and lifestyle categories and I hope you will feel inspired. Enjoy!



Immunocologie Day Protection Face Cream

This is a perfect gift for skincare lovers. It is hydrating, reparative, luxurious and really works wonders especially during winter season. The story behind the brand is very inspiring as well, so have a read! Available from Cult Beauty, for £180.

Omorovicza Queen Of Hungary Mist

You can never have enough of Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist. Perfect for travellers, office workers as well as anyone really! Hydrates, revives and protects the skin. Available from Lookfantastic, for £48.



Lanaiblo Hairdryer 

So this is actually the coolest hairdryer you can gift to someone you love as you can personalise it! The hairdryer is great as it has different heat settings and you can dry your hair super fast, especially if you have long hair or extensions. Also you can forget the frizz thanks to anti-static technology. Available from Lanaiblo, for £89.99 (Personalisation additional £15)


Guerlain¬†‘Rose Aux Joues’ Blusher (Shade Morning Rose)

For the beautiful rosy cheeks, choose Guelain Blusher. Beautifully designed, gorgeously scented and delicately pigmented, it is a dream gift for a fair skinned beauty! Available from Debenhams, for £31.95.


Nu Colour Professional Brush Set 

I think that brushes are always a great gift as one can never have enough. The brushes from Nu Colour are ideal for Christmas as they are very high quality, which makes your makeup look professional and flawless ūüôā Available¬†Nu Skin Website, for ¬£82.09.

 NYX Liquid Suede Matte Metallic Liquid Lipstick (Shade Buzz Kill)

I am so obsessed with this lipstick as the colour is just gorgeous. The deep pink looks amazing with any skin tone and the best thing about this lipstick is that it has a matte finish and it is very long lasting. Available from Debenhams Website, for £7.

Buxom Lipgloss (Shade Dominique)

I have been searching for a good glitter lipgloss for a while, and I finally found it! The Buxom Dominique Lipgloss will plump up the volume, making your lips look bigger and fuller. It provides a sheer, high gloss glitter coverage. Combine with NYX Buzz Kill for the perfect party look! Available from Debenhams, for £13.50.

Jane Iredale Trio Illuminizer

Jane Iredale’s mineral makeup is always a good gift idea. The shades from the trio highlighter can be either worn alone or mixed together to create a glowing look. I am a huge fan of the rose gold packaging – perfect for the Christmas season. Available from¬†Zest Beauty Website, for ¬£39.95.


Ardell Glamour False Lashes Variety Pack 

Ardell launching in the UK was probably the highlight of the year for many beauty fanatics. The eyelashes from Ardell are very high quality, and can be reused multiple times. The glamour pack is a great value for money as you get 4 sets of Glamorous Eyelashes! Get the glam on! Available from Superdrug, for £11.46.

Beauty Blvd Star Dust 

The Star Dust from Beauty Blvd is a must-have for your Christmas and New Year’s parties. You cannot go wrong with this gorgeous glitter makeup, and anyone will love it so if you are not sure what to get your friends for Xmas, this is an ideal gift! Available from¬†Beauty BLVD Website, for ¬£12.50.

Ania’s advice:

– It is never too early to start your Xmas Shopping

– It is never to early to decorate your Xmas Tree

-It is never too early to listed to ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’

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Hi Lovely!

How are you all finding autumn? I hope you are enjoying the cosy evenings, wrapped in a warm blanket, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows. I am actually really struggling  to leave the house in the evenings as it is getting so chilly so if you have any tips, please let me know!


Omorovicza Queen Of Hungary Mist 

This is my latest discovery that I am obsessed with. This face mist is an absolute        must-have for anyone, especially travellers, office workers and skincare lovers. I use it all the time, in the mornings and evenings as a toning mist, and during the day to refresh my skin. It hydrates, refreshes as well as balances the skin. The scent is a mix of neroli and rose which helps to destress. It can be used on all skin types and it is now officially my top face mist. Available from Omorowicza Website, for £48.


Essentialle Revival Nectar 

This is another product that I recently discovered, as it just launched in the UK. The Revival Nectar is designed for dry and lack lustre skin so I was quite excited to try it. I applied it after cleansing my skin in the evening, before applying moisturiser and I always massaged my skin when applying as instructed on the box. I can honestly say that it helped me de-stress and relax and I noticed my mood improved after my skincare routine. The Revival Nectar also hydrated my skin, improving its colour and adding a subtle glow.

It is filled with rich ingredients such as Pomegranate seed oil, Rose geranium oil, Roship fruit oil, Patchouli leaf oil amongst others which contribute to skin renewal, cell regeneration and reduction of wrinkles. Available from Essentialle Website, for £70.


Nu Colour Lip Plumping Balm

I can never say ‘no’ to a new lip balm especially if it promises to hydrate and plump my lips. I really like Nu Skin for their skincare products, so trying their make-up products from Nu Colour range was also exciting.

The Nu Colour lip balm has a tingling effect on the lips, making me feel awake and refreshed throughout the day. It also hydrated and softened my lips so it was perfect for this cold month. It has a delicate peppermint scent and comes in a stunning silver packaging. An autumn/winter Рmust have! Available from Nu Skin Website, for £23.24.


Miss Gorgeous I Am Not Lipstick Applicator

This is the cutest makeup applicator I have ever seen. It is also very useful as you can put it in your handbag or makeup bag without getting worried about foundation/concelear marks. Its compact design, also ensures hygienic application as the plastic cover prevents germs and dirt from sticking to the applicator. You can find lots of other cute makeup accessories on Miss Gorgeous Website, and I want them all! Available from Miss Gorgeous Website, for £8.99.


Tangle Teezer The Original Purple Glitter Hairbrush 

Happy Birthday to Tangle Teezer which has now been with us for 10 years. To celebrate this special occasion, Tangle Teezer created a limited edition brush – The Original in Purple Glitter. I love this design as it has this stylish retro feel to it, and who doesn’t like glitter? I usually have Tangle Teezer in my handbag so that I can use it on the go as it is super compact and easy to carry wherever I go. Available from¬†Very Exclusive Website, for ¬£11.

Ania’s advice:

– Moisturise and take care of your skin

-Buy fairylights and decorate your home

-Yes, it is time to turn on the heating… ūüėČ

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