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Today I present to you the October Libbie Club, filled with essential skincare, haircare and fragrance! October is the time when the weather in London starts to go wrong, and we are desperately searching for our warm cardigans, always carrying hot drinks and avoiding leaving the house. Luckily this month’s Libbie Box can keep you busy and you can stay home and relax with a great face mask, hair serum and a lovely fragrance. You can get all the products from my page, here

Anne Semonin The Daily Musts 
As you can probably guess this is my favourite product from this month’s box. The set consists of 4 masks: Cream Mask, Exfoliating Mask, Gel Mask and Mineral Mask. Each mask has different properties, and the masks should be ideally used alternately everyday or at least 2 times a week. I always apply masks on the face and neck as those are the two areas that age the fastest. 
Cream Mask – for dry, sensitive and irritated areas, aiming to sooth and reduce redness and energise the skin. This was my favourite as it hydrated and nourished my skin, leaving it glowing. 
Exfoliating Mask – aimed to get rid of dead skin, excess oils and bacteria. It restores the natural balance, and smoothes the texture of the skin. This masks smoothed down my skin and made it brighter and cleaner thanks to the exfoliating particles. 
Gel Mask – as you can imagine, this masks has a cooling and recharging effect. It has soothing and restoring properties, aiming to reduce wrinkles + fine lines and improve skin elasticity. It was great to use after a night out. Its cooling effect feels incredible on the skin as well as under eyes, reducing puffiness and improving the general appearance of the skin.
Mineral Mask – containing powerful blend of sea minerals and botanical extracts, it is ideal for problematic skin, as it de-clogs pores. I liked using this mask when my skin needed a detox, the minerals are actively working on the skin, cleansing the pores, and making the skin healthier and glowing. 
Overall, I was very happy with these masks, and I would recommend it to anyone, as each mask is tailored  to a specific need.

Salon Science Repair and Protect Duo 

Salon Science is a lovely brand and it has already been featured on my blog. The brand comes from Switzerland, and uses the best technology to regenerate the hair.

The Reprotectant Thermal Cream is a heat protecting product, which not only protects the hair from heat but also conditions and locks in the hair colour and moisture. It creates a protective layer on top of the hair protecting it from heat as well as environmental damage. For best results I used it after washing my hair, and spraying each section prior to using a hairdryer. You can also use it on dry hair before straightening. 
Being a fan of all smoothing products, this quickly became my daily essential. It not only smoothes the unruly hair but it also nourishes the hair, making it glossy and gorgeous. Great combination of hair products! 

Special Offer: 40% off, Save £9.50

The Library of Fragrance, Cologne Spray: Musk #7 
The Library of Fragrance has a wide range of different scents! In this month’s box I received the Musk #7 which is quite universal. Most of my favourite perfumes have Musk ingredient inside so I was looking forward to trying this one. This cologne spray has a clean, soft and powdery scent which can be used to layer additional fragrances. I was positively surprised by this perfume, as it is also long lasting. I want to get all of the range from the Library of Fragrance! Do you have a favourite?

Ania’s advice:
1. Try products from Anne Semonin
2. Experiment with fragrances
3. Start your Christmas Shopping
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Autumn is one of my favourite seasons of the year, and do you know why? Yes, I do love the changing colours, the Pumpkin Spice Latte and the warm cardigans but there is also another reason –  I finally have an excuse to stay at home and carry out my pamper routine (yes, rain is the perfect excuse!). The Ultimate Pamper Pack is the perfect set of goodies that you can use for a pamper routine for yourself or when you want to invite your girls over and do it together with delicious food and great movies.

Step 1: Cleanse
Light up candles in your bathroom, play your favourite tracks and run the shower. Use the Bath and Shower Cream to cleanse your body.
Step 2: Scrub
Next step is a scrub, there are two choices available in this set- Pomegranate Body Sugar Scrub and Walnut Shell Body Scrub and Cleanser. If you prefer fruity scents, I suggest Pomegranate Body Sugar Scrub, and if you are more into nutty scents, like me, then in the Walnut Shell is an option to go for (then you don’t need to do step 1). Both scrubs contain small grains but they do a great job at exfoliating! 
Step 3: Facial Cleanser
Use the Avocado and Oatmeal Foaming Facial Cleanser to cleanse face and neck. Massage it gently into the skin and wash it off with warm water. This facial cleanser is a great pick as it cleanses without over-drying thanks to the oats and avocado ingredients.
Step 4: Face Mask 
Once you step out of the shower and get wrapped in your favourite bathrobe and put on your fluffy socks, it is time for a face mask. In this set you have a choice of 3, Acai Purifying Clay Mask, Cucumber Peel Off Mask and Chocolate and Strawberry Clay Mask. 
The Acai masks absorbs impurities so if you have a lot of blackheads, this would be ideal. The Cucumber Mask clarifies and renews skin so if you have any breakouts or your skin feels dull, give this one a go. And the last option is the Chocolate and Strawberry Mask which softens and tones, and this was actually my favourites as it softened my skin without drying it and it also closed up my pores. 

Step 5:Foot Soak 
It is time for a foot soak! Fill up a basin with warm water, add the foot soak and place your feet in the warm water for 5-10 minutes. 
Step 6: Foot Scrub 
This set also contains foot scrub, so if you want to get rid of any dead skin cells and get perfectly smooth skin, use the peppermint + plum foot scrub after the soak.
Step 6: Foot Lotion
Once the time is up, apply the foot balm or foot lotion and put on fuzzy socks! I would choose the balm if my feet were very dry, and if less hydration was needed I would go for the foot lotion. 

Step 8: Moisturise
After a hot shower, it is important to moisturise the skin, so use the Egyptian Argan Oil Body Butter to provide the essential hydration. This body butter is filled with Argan oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Oatmeal as well as Vitamins A and E. Be generous and apply it all over your body.

Step 9
Turn on your favourite TV series, or romantic comedy and enjoy your evening!

The Ultimate Pamper Pack is available from Freeman Beauty Website, for just £47 (worth over £60!)

Ania’s advice:
1. Find time for a pamper evening
2. Try Frieeman’s Ultimate Pamper Pack 
3. Relax
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Hello Autumn!
Once again I  have a set of empties for you, I know that some of them are repeating from the previous empties but when I was moving I got mixed up so the ones I previously reviewed will not be mentioned here! Have a look at Empties #6! Enjoy! 

Tom Ford Black Orchid 
This perfume can be described in 5 words: warm, spicy, dark, seductive, sweet. It is based on Sandalwood, Amber, Chocolate Vanilla; has spicy fruity notes as well as Orchid as heart notes, and  is topped with Jasmine, Gardenia and Tuber. This perfume is ideal for a person who likes heavy, spicy scents, it is very distinctive so you will either love it or hate it. I love it and use it day and night, however a lot of people prefer to use it in the evenings. Available from Selfridges, £54/30ml. 
Korres Jasmine Body Butter 
This is a very hydrating body butter from Korres. I bought it in duty free on my way back from Prasonisi where I went kitesurfing. As you can probably imagine after 1 week in the sun, wind and on the beach, my skin was extremely dry. This body butter is very hydrating and after just a few applications my skin was nourished and quickly recovered. The secret is in the ingredients, filled with Shea butter, avocado, almond and sunflower, the body butter has softening and reconstructing properties + it smells gorgeous! Available from Feelunique, £12.50.
Roques Oneil Therapie Aura Spray 
If you are looking for a face mist or setting spray, you could try the Restore Aura Spray from Roques Oneil. I go through face mists quite quickly and actually this is the second bottle I used up. You can carry it with you in your handbag, have it in your beauty cabinet or use it when travelling. It is a perfect product to take on the plane and it is exactly 100 ml. The product smells of different herbs  and flowers such as Rose, Spearmint, Rosemary, White Sage and Lemon. Available from Roques Oneil, £28.
Bioderma Micellar Water 
Great for removing makeup, dirty and as part of an evening routine. Every girl should have micellar water in her beauty closet. Enough said. Available from Feelunique, £10.50. 

Toni and Guy Dry Shampoo 
This is my favourite dry shampoo, so you probably saw it in my previous empties. Dry shampoo is perfect for those days when you don’t have the time to wash your hair or simply don’t feel like it. I like the one from Toni and Guy as it doesn’t make the hair feel stiff after using like other products. It is long lasting, and gives you another day of clean hair. A must-have! Available from Boots, £7.49.

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil For Body and Hair
A solid Argan oil is all you need if you often suffer from dry skin. It is a solid oil which comes in a 50g metal tin. The oil needs to be warmed up in hands prior to applying. It is very hydrating and can be used on dry knees, elbows or any dry patches. You can also use it as hydrating treatment prior to washing your hair. Great for the autumn and winter months! Available from The Body Shop, £8.

Lancome Hypnose 
This is the most expensive mascara I owned, I usually just buy drugstore mascaras as they are very effective and much cheaper. The mascara from Lancome is worth the price however as it made my lashes extremely long and thick. With the high end makeup also comes the beautiful packaging  as you can see above. If you are looking for a more luxurious mascara, I would recommend trying this one! (Available from Boots, £23.50)
Collection Long Lasting Concealer Shade Fair
As always the Collection Concealer is present in my empties. If there is one products that I use like its water, then its definitely this concealer. I never leave my house without touching-up my imperfections and this concealer does it so well. It provides great coverage, and can be used for lighter or heavier makeup. The price makes this products 10/10! Available in Boots, £4.19. 
Ania’s advice:
1. Try a new perfume! 
2. Find your perfect halloween costumer
3. Light up the candles
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It is September Favourites time once again! I had a lot of haircare favourites this month as Autumn is usually the month during which I experiment with my hair. This is because I need to change my summer wardrobe to the autumn/winter one which includes knitwear, scarves and coats so straight down summer hair is often not an option as it can end up looking very messy and knotted. 

Schwarzkopf got2b Oil-licious Tame and Shine Styling Oil
This is probably my favourite product from the September Favourites. I use hair oil everyday to tame the frizz, but a lot of people find that very surprising as they think it will weigh the hair down and make it look greasy. That is certainly not true, as long as you apply it the right way which is from mid-length down, applying it by only touching your hair lightly. My hair is very long so I use 2 pumps of the product but 1 pump is suitable for shorter hair. 
The oil can be used as daily treatment to nourish the hair, on damp hair before styling/blow drying or as a mask pre-washing. It is a multi-purpose product and is very handy at all times. Also the oil smells divine and the sweet smell of Argan stays on the hair, which is another benefit. This has become my daily essential, replacing my other hair oils. Available in Boots, £4.19.

Schwarzkopf got2b Playful Styling Primer 
This is the first time I tried a styling primer for the hair. It helps to manage the hair, making it soft and  easier to style. This primer can be used both on dry and wet hair to create a variety of styles. I liked using it when creating pony tails and buns and when curling my hair. It makes styling process a lot easier, helping to control the hair whilst styling and makes the hairstyles last longer. Available in Boots, £4.19
Schwarzkopf got2b Powder’ful Volumising Styling Powder 
It if you are looking for an immediate volume you will love this product. First of all it is very convenient as you can carry it with your wherever you go. The product itself is a white powder which you shake on your palms and rub them together and then distribute on the hair focusing on the roots. It will instantly boost the hair volume, and lift the hair so it looks great on all hair lengths and since mine is long and heavy this product was very effective for pony tails, buns and tied-up hair. Available in Boots, £4.19
Vatika DermoViva Honey Face Wash 
This is a new product from Vatika, it has the ideal combination of ingredients for glowing skin – almonds, aloe vera, and honey. It is Paraben and SLS free and consists of natural ingredients. The face wash has more of a gel consistency which is very convenient to apply. 
The product has a delicate honey smell, and it leaves the skin hydrated and glowing. I preferred using it under the shower as a first step of my cleansing routine. I massaged it into the face and neck and then washed it off after use, following with a micellar water. It left my skin cleansed and hydrated. Available on Amazon, £3.99.
Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara 
This mascara is a life changing product. Firstly it actually fulfils all of it’s promises, it adds volume to your lashes. Secondly, it doesn’t crumble so you will not have the dark dots under your eyes, and thirdly it is long lasting. It is perfect for everyday use, as well as clubbing if you add multiple layers. Check my latest Instagram pictures to see how it looks on the eyes! Available from Boots, £7.99.
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (Original)
As you know I am a fan of Urban Decay Eyeshadows, but I like when they last the whole day and evening so I decided to try out their eyeshadow primer. If you often use eyeshadows, this is a product you definitely should try. You apply it on your eyelids, prior to applying the shadow. It maintains your eyeshadow in perfect condition throughout the day so you will not need to reapply. Great product! Available from Urban Decay, £16. 
Ania’s advice:
1. Focus on haircare
2. Take out your cosy cardigans
3. Get Pumpkin Spice Latte 

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Hello Gorgeous

Unfortunately summer is over and it is time to put away your colourful swimsuits, and take out the cosy cardigans out of your wardrobe. The September Libbie Club is filled with product which will prepare your skin for the changing weather conditions, and will help recover your hair after summer adventures. As always there are great offers and fantastic products, all available from Libbie Club

Evolve Organic Beauty Hyaluronic Serum 200
Everybody is talking about the incredible benefits of the hyaluronic acid so I was looking forward to trying this one from Evolve Beauty. It is a pure serum for normal to dry skin containing 200mg of hyaluronic acid. It promises to hydrate and plump the skin, smoothing the fine lines and wrinkles. The serum is formulated with nourishing rosewater and pomegranate known for its softening and protecting properties. 
I used the serum only once a day, not to overload my skin with the hyaluronic acid. I suggest using it in the evening on face and neck prior to applying moisturiser. I gave it to my mum to try out as well, since her skin in more suitable for this serum. She found that it was very hydrating and overtime it reduced the appearance of wrinkles as well. 

Paul Yacomine Micro Duo  
As you know I love haircare, and I am constantly testing new products especially those for dry hair. This set contains two products, Micro Treatment Oils and Micro Finish. The Micro Treatment Oils is a traditional serum emulsified with the best essential oils. These oils help to prevent the serum film forming properties becoming continuous, meaning that the serum only gets the the parts of the cuticle that need it. This emulsion process also helps with removal during washing. The serum protects the hair from the damaging effects of the Sun, Sea and Chlorine. Use before drying.
The Micro Finish is created with organic essential oils, which nourish and detoxify the hair. It helps to remove dirt from the hair, nourishing it at the same time. It should be used as an serum on dry hair.  It quickly absorbs into the hair, without weighing it down, giving it a luxurious shine. 
I found these products to work well on my hair. The Micro Treatment Oils acts like a heat protectant and detangler, making brushing a lot easier. The Micro Finish, smoothed down the frizz after drying, making my hair luscious. It is a perfect product if you need instant repair for damaged, coloured and chemically treated hair. 

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel
This is a two-step acid peel which contains a combination of 7 acids. The pack contains 5 treatments, and I would recommend using it 1 week or once every 2 weeks. The first step contains exfoliating acids which help to rejuvenate the skin, and the 2nd step controls the alpha hydroxy acid activity and has anti ageing properties, nourishing the skin, balancing the PH and making the skin radiant. The product promises to smooth fine lines, even out the texture and reduce the appearance of pores. 
It can be used in the morning or evening. The first step should be applied on clean, dry skin, swiping the pad gently across the face. Wait two minutes, and then apply step 2. IMPORTANT – do not rinse after either step or use products containing alcohol. 

Ania’s advice:
1. Remember to use an exfoliator
2. Use serum before moisturiser 
3. Smile 🙂
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Hello Stunning 
I am so sorry I have been absent for so long, but I was finishing my masters, moving out of my flat and saying bye to some friends. Over this time I accumulated so many empties so you can guess what  this post will be about 🙂 Hope its not too long!

Elie Saab Le Parfum Eau De Parfum
Perfume is always challenging to describe, so I will do by best to do so, but I suggest you smell it next time you have the chance. The perfume is composed of beautiful, addictive notes, the top note is African Orange Flower, heart note is Jasmine and base notes include White Honey, Cedar, Patchouli and Rose. The perfume is quite intense but very feminine and radiant. The bottle ideally matches the smell… so try it out. 

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask 
I often write about this mask as it is very effective. The Manuka honey has antibacterial and nourishing properties so it can be both cleansing and hydrating which is quite rare amongst face masks. It gets rid of impurities, and calms down any breakouts and redness. It lasted me for a long time, so although it is quite pricey, it is worth it. Available from Feelunique, £22.99. 

Caudalie Divine Oil 
This divine oil was my travel essential this summer. It can be used on body, hair and face and like the name states, it is divine. It quickly absorbs in the skin, leaving it looking glowing and smelling beautifully. It is hydrating so you can use it after a long day at the beach, or you can use it in the evening and layer scents on top. I will definitely be buying the full size bottle. Available from Feelunique, £27. 

Aveeno Cream 
This super hydrating cream is a product that I always come back to. It is suitable for both adults and babies and can be used by people with eczema so you can be sure that it will not irritate your skin. It is a neutral smelling product so it will not disturb you, but overall it has a great effect and it can be used on both face and body. I always go to the large tub, and my whole family uses it. Available from Boots, £16.49. 

Lush The Olive Branch Shower Oil
Being a Lush fan, I decided to try their popular Olive Branch shower oil. I like to use shower oil as it is less thick than body wash and is easier to distribute on the skin. The Olive Branch from Lush is very light, and only a little bit is needed for every use. It has a delicate, sweet smell which stays on the skin for a bit but then vanishes. It lasted me for a long time, and I think I will repurchase it. Available from Lush, £9.95. 

Sanctuary Spa Warming Sugar Polish
Love Love Love this warming sugar polish, when it enters in contact with the skin, it immediately warms up which makes the exfoliating process even better. It is unfortunately no longer produced but I will look for replacement as it was very effective and felt great on skin. 

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel 
Lately, I have been testing different body washes and I really liked the Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel from The Body Shop. If you used their body washes then you know they have this thick, creamy consistency, which I love. The argan oil shower gel is great as it doesn’t dry out the skin, leaving it ready for body lotion. The smell is stunning! Available from The Body Shop, £4. 

Aurelia Refine and Polish Miracle Balm
Unfortunately this gorgeous Polish Miracle Balm has also finished. The polish can be both used as an enzyme mask or as an exfoliator. I used it as exfoliator most of the time, as I have too many face masks. It is made of fine grains, which when massaged in circular motion remove dead skin cells and prepare the skin for moisturiser. Best used 1-2 times a week for healthy, glowing skin. Available from Lookfantastic, £57/75ml.
L’Occitane Immortelle Brightening Water 
I got this Brightening Water during my trip to Milan. I am a fan of L’Occitane, and I really like the Immortelle range. I used it the mornings and evenings instead of toner, to brighten and hydrate my skin. The whole range has a stunning delicate smell of the Immortelle flower which takes you back to the fields of Provance. After using this brightening water my skin was clearer, and felt more plumped and nourished. It is no longer produced but luckily there is a replacement, Essential Face Water, £18 .

Garnier Micellar Oil- Infused Cleansing Water 
Micellar waters are becoming more and more popular, and the range of products is rapidly expanding. The recent release from Garnier is what I have recently used up and a new bottle is already in my beauty cabinet. The micellar water is a water filled with cleansing elements as well as favourable ingredients that nourish the skin. 
Garnier combined the cleansing benefits of oil which removes makeup more efficiently with micellar water which takes makeup removing process to another level. It removes waterproof mascara, red lipstick as well as foundation quickly, leaving your skin ready for further treatments. I am a fan of the delicate smell, it is a must-have product. Available from Boots, £5.99.
Ania’s advice:
1. Always remove make-up before going to sleep 
2. Apply serum before evening moisturiser 
3. Sleep 7-8 hours and let your skin regenerate 

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 Hello Beauty!

The August Libbie Club box is probably one of my favorites so far, containing Placenta Ampoule Cream from the Korean Brand Mizon, a selfie lover must-have Nanoblur High Definition Skin and a stunning nude lipstick from a new brand called Nizz Cosmetics.

K-Beauty Mizon Placenta Ampule Cream

I absolutely love Korean skincare so this was another exciting product for me. Mizon was founded by a selection of Cosmetic Chemists from a leading Asian Cosmetic Manufacturer Amorepacyfic.

The main ingredient is plant placenta which is known for its nourishing properties and promoting skin cell regeneration. The concentration of placenta is 1500mg which is very high compared to other brands. Moreover the cream contains my favourite ingredient which is hyaluronic acid, which aims to retain moisture in the skin cells. The hyaluronic acid helps to hydrate the skin which helps to slow down the ageing process. Filled with plant based ingredients like sagebrush, rose extract and yarrow, the cream promises to sooth sensitive skin.

The cream sinks in quickly, leaving your skin smooth without leaving a greasy film so you can apply it before make-up. It has a delicate smell of calming lavender which I absolutely love.

20% off Mizon Placenta Ampoule Cream, Save £5.20

Indeed Labs Nanoblur 
This super innovative product will give your skin an airbrushed effect. It changes the way light reflects off the skin and once applied the micro-prisms reflect light in a multitude of directions having similar effect as airbrushed photo.
It can be used under makeup or patted on top of the foundation. It can be mixed with moisturiser for a more hydrating effect 
It is a very cool product and smooths down the skin, reducing any imperfections. It gives the skin a matt finish and makes it picture perfect! A selfie addict must have! 


Nizz Cosmetics Cashmere Nude Lipstick  
Living in the windy London, early on I realised that lipgloss is not the best choice here and so I quickly switched to lipsticks. As you all know I am a fan of organic cosmetics so when this arrived in the Libbie box I was eager to try it. Nizz Cosmetics are made from natural ingredients and are vegetarian, paraben-free, and hypo-allergenic. All the ingredients come from fair trade,

The lipstick is creamy and long lasting, so you don’t need to reapply frequently. It contains the nourishing Shea Butter, protective Peach Kernel Oil and Sweet Almond Oil rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E.

The colour is stunning, and can be worn during the day and evening as well. I really like the gorgeous packaging and the fact that it has an additional end where you can use your finger/brush to apply less product. 

Ania’s advice:
1. Try Korean Skincare
2. Wear only lipstick, and no other makeup
3. Take a lot of selfies
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Hi Stunning!
It is monthly favourites time! With July being very warm and sunny I wanted to let my skin breathe a bit which is why I focused on skincare. There is nothing more stunning than beautiful, healthy and glowing complexion, which is exactly what I was aiming for this month. I think it worked :), check my Instagram (Aniaaa Pawlak) for proof.

Elemental Herbology Cell Food 
This is a product that I would recommend to anyone who wants a hydrated and nourished skin. It contains 14 active ingredients, and 6 antioxidants which help to boost radiance and vitality. It is filled with vitamins, proteins and antioxidants which hydrate and revive your skin. The ingredients are 100% natural which is another plus, especially since I am trying to use more and more natural products.

I recommend using it once a day in the evening before your moisturiser, and twice a day if your skin needs a moisture boost. The serum is hydrating, and locks in the moisture, reducing the visibility of pores and results in glowing skin. Available from my Libbie Club, £45 for Cell Food Radiance and Vitality Serum + FREE Vital Cleanse and FREE Vital Glow.

Exuviance Age Less Everyday 
Dry skin has always been my problem so I need to apply a moisturiser twice a day. The Exuviance Age Less Everyday is a daily cream which has PHA + Biotonic complex which stimulates the cell turnover, preserving skin’s natural collagen. The cream is targeted at dry and sensitive skin and not only nourishes but also slows down the ageing process. 
The cream is filled with Lilac and Grape Seed Extracts, and Vitamin E to provide the skin with the most essential ingredients. I used this as a day cream for two weeks and I was very satisfied with the results. Although I am 22, so I do not have any visible signs of ageing, my skin was hydrated and glowing, and the cream was perfect as a makeup base. Available from Only Nature, £33.50.
 Exuviance Hydrating Eye Complex 
Finding a good eye cream is very challenging so when I find one I usually stick to it. Lately, I have been using the Hydrating Eye Complex from Exuviance. The cream is ideal for all skin types, and has soothing, hydrating and anti-ageing properties. It contains Polyhdroxy Acids – Gluconalactone and Lactobionic acid as well as Vitamins A, C and E which have nourishing benefits.
I used this cream during my evening routine and I noticed that the skin around my eyes was brighter and healthier. Also my dark circles have faded noticeably. I recommend patting it softly when applying to stimulate circulation, slowing down the ageing process. It comes in a convenient tube which helps to dispense the cream and is very hygienic. Available from Only Nature £27.50.

Organique Ghassoul Clay Powder Mask 
This is a mask from a brand from Poland but it is also available in the UK which is great news! The Ghassoul is a form of mud which has grease-removing and cleansing properties. It comes in a powder so you need to mix it with water before applying on face and neck. I recommend keeping it for 8-10 minutes before washing it off with water. The results are amazing, my skin was smooth, pores were tightened and my skin looked flawless. Available from Organique£12.50/200ml. 

James Read Gradual Tan Mist 
Since I got this in the May Libbie Box I am obsessed. I usually use it once/twice a week to maintain a healthy tan on my face. It makes self-tan so much easier and it is very convenient. All you need to do is cleanse your skin, spray evenly on face and neck, and wait for 2 minutes to settle, then apply makeup. 

It is infused with DHA, the active bronzing ingredient in self tanners. Against many expectations, it contains great ingredients like acne-fighting zinc, coconut oil, and hydrating rose water, leaving your skin hydrated, tanned and glowing. 
Cle de Peau Beaute Essential Correcting Refiner
Last, but definitely not least is the Beauty Essential Correcting Refiner from Cle de Peau. This product is quite expensive compared to other alternatives. It contains Surface Refining Complex, oil-absorbing powder, illuminating Complex, chamomile extract and super hyaluronic acid.

It noticeably removes appearance of pores, evening out the skin tone. The hyaluronic acid has anti-ageing properties as well and replenishes the skin’s moisture. I liked how the toner felt on my skin, closing the pores, preparing it for the moisturizer. It also reduces the appearance of T zone. Love love love. Available from Cle de Peau Beaute£76/170ml.

Ania’s advice:
1. Focus on Skincare 
2. Reduce your make-up
3. Stay hydrated
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