Hello Everyone!
During these hot summer months it is essential to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. I try to drink 2 litres of water a day but let’s be honest, water is a bit boring which is why we always seek less healthy alternatives. Recently I discovered a great healthy option called Flo Essence Water, so I can drink it without limits and enjoy the flavour!

Brand Story
FLO is an acronym for Fun, Loving and Original. The reason why Ali Lazem, Flo’s Founder decided to leave his career and create Flo Drinks because he wanted a healthy, great water. 

‘I want a water that I enjoy drinking, even if I’m not thirsty. A water that I don’t have to remind myself to drink, because I crave it. A water bursting with delicious real flavours, yet it’s still water and not a soft drink in disguise.’ Ali Lazem, Founder 

Flo Drinks’ Ethos
The packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable making it healthy for the environment as well as for you. In addition, the brand donates 10% of their profits to clean projects.

The Healthiest Drink in the World
The Flo Essence Water is a zero-calories pure mineral water, which doesn’t contain any sugar, sweeteners, preservatives or colourings. The only addition is a drop of a delicious flavour, which is natural of course! The list of ingredients of every drink is just natural flavours. Good news for vegetarians and vegans – the drinks are vegan and gluten-free, and the flavours are made from non GMO-plants. 

Flo Essence Water is available in 4 different flavours: Watermelon Garden Mint, Blueberry Vanilla, Lychee Hibiscus, Cucumber Lemon. I was sent the Lucky Dip Box, where you get a selection of 3 flavours for £4. Available from Flo Drinks Website

Watermelon Garden Mint 

This is my personal favourite! The light taste of watermelon and mint is very refreshing and perfect for summer time. If you love cold drinks, I would recommend to place it in a freezer for 2 hours and drink it chilled.  

Lychee Hibiscus 
Hibiscus is well known for its beauty benefits. It is filled with antioxidants, purifies complexion, evens out skin tone and provides a moisture boost, so it immediately became my water alternative. This flavour combination is divine, and perfect for an afternoon in the park. Also best served chilled.

Blueberry Vanilla
If you are a fan of forest fruits, this is the flavour for you. The prominent flavour is blueberries with a slight hint of vanilla, and this is probably the sweetest flavour. 
Lucky Dip
Try Flo Essence Water today, and order your lucky dip with 3 flavours for £4. You can also order individual flavours in a Pack or Mega Pack, or a range of mixed flavours in a Mixed Mega Pack. All available from Flo Drinks Website
Hydration is key to maintaining a glowing skin, healthy diet and healthy heart so get your Flo Essence Water today, stay healthy and enjoy the burst of flavours!

Ania’s advice:
1. Stay hydrated 
2. Order Flo Essence Water Lucky Dip
3. Let me know your favourite flavour! 


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While fitness enthusiasts may not need special encouragement to hit the gym, not all of them are following a proper skincare and beauty routine before and after their workouts. The reasons behind that are numerous, but they all boil down to the lack of information and a busy schedule. The truth is, the best beauty regime for pre and post gym activity period is not demanding at all, if you have the right information.


Cleansing and Moisturising
It’s always good to start with a clean slate before heading out to the gym. Any makeup residue that doesn’t get wiped off and removed will subsequently clog the pores and cause irritation and breakouts. Mild cleansing foam with green tea or lavender extract is both practical and tonus boosting.

Another product ladies shouldn’t go without to gym, or anywhere else, is the moisturiser. Since the process of exercising is followed by a lot of sweating, the skin gets easily dehydrated. Luckily, this can be easily prevented with a thin film of this beauty staple. For women that are slightly self-conscious about some facial skin discolouration, a fruit-tinted moisturiser can even out the skin tone and act as a handy 2-in-1 product. 

Lip Care
Having a balm or a stick that consists of a beeswax and honey formula with an SPF is essential in preserving luscious, non-chapped lips. The beeswax provides a natural base and a pleasant texture while honey is an all-purpose skin repairing and calming substance. It’s advised to remove all distractions during exercise, and dry and flaky lips definitely qualify as such. 


This is not exactly a beauty product, but its use is a crucial element of people’s presentation in the public. I have experimented with quite a few deodorants and sticks, and they all seem to cause irritation in the summer time (not a good sign!), except for one. Fenjal sensitive deodorant manages to oust the nasty smelly side-effect of exercise and replace it with its own mild scent. It contains no harmful parabens, alcohol, mineral and silicone oils, or artificial colours.


Any harsh methods of hair removal are not recommended for a few hours before the workout session. The skin will inevitably get irritated, and the worst thing one can do it is to expose it to excessive sweating and dirt immediately after shaving.

SPF Lotion or Spray
People who like to exercise in the open, at a beach or near water and other reflective surfaces, should apply a sun lotion or spray at regular intervals. This prevents wrinkles, skin aging, spots and other sun induced blemishes.
Since the skin is more fragile in the post-exercise period, it’s advised to apply some mild and natural nurturing products. Since the green industry is on the rise, quality organic cosmetics in UK are accessible to anyone who makes careful beauty and skincare choices.

Quick Save

Korean women are very committed to their beauty routine and workouts, which doesn’t mean they don’t lead busy lives as well. They have invented 7-seconds treatment that involves tiny pads that provide quick toning and hydration in one.
Cooling Mist
The whole body and face get heated up considerably during workout, and the application of an essential mist can restore the healthy glow and cool the skin a bit. Such products contain numerous beneficial herbs such as Jasmine flower, cucumber and chamomile.

Soothing Foot Gel
Legs and feet tend to suffer quite a bit during workouts, so it’s recommendable to treat them with products that provide a relaxing effect afterwards. While there are numerous soothing foot gels on the markets, ingenious Koreans have invented a cream that mimics the sensation of leg stretching. Neat!

“Less is more” is the best principle when the pre-and-post exercise beauty skincare is concerned. These were some of the most popular beauty staples.
Author BIO:
Sophia Smith is Australian based beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about latest fashion trends, DIY projects and organic beauty products. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is regular contributor at High Style Life.
Find her on: Facebook  Twitter  Google + 

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Hello beauty 
I apologize for the lack of activity. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know I took a trip to Milan, a stunning city! This time I wanted to share with you my favourite products from June as I didn’t have time to do that before I left 🙂

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Or 
This product is perfect for the endless summer days. The oil is not only hydrating but it is also shimmering so whenever you are exposed to sun or light your skin will be glowing. I love to apply it to my collar bones and arms especially when I am wearing a summer dress. The oil can also be used on the hair, but I prefer to use it on my body. It has a lovely, delicate smell which can be combined with perfume or worn alone. A summer must- have! Available from Lookfantastic, £19.

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist 
Face mists come in handy especially during warm summer days. I recently got this Rosewater Balancing Mist from Jurlique and I have been using it throughout June in the mornings, evenings and often during the day to refresh, hydrate and restore my skin. The mist smells DIVINE, and if you are a fan of rose water this mist will definitely please your senses. The mist is filled with antioxidant properties, which have many skincare benefits. If you are looking for a product for your bedside table, this is perfect. Available from Lookfantastic, £24.

The Body Shop Wild Argan Miracle Solid Oil For Body and Hair 
This is a very cool product which I recently discovered. It is a solid argan oil, which has great benefits for skin and hair. In order to apply it, you need to warm it up in your hands so that it becomes more liquid. It smells beautifully and really hydrates the dry skin areas. I would recommend using it on elbows and knees or any dry skin patches. Available from The Body Shop, £8.

Vatika Black Seed Complete Care Shampoo
This shampoo has been recommended to me for everyday hair care. It is quite hydrating but does not weigh your hair down so can be used daily if necessary. Black seed is well known for its beneficial haircare properties such as promoting hair growth, preventing hair loss, thickening the hair and improving overall hair health. This shampoo worked well for me, and after using it I noticed that my hair became smoother and looked better. Available from Tesco, £2.99.

I am sure you already heard about this hair accessory. These are hair ties that don’t pull your hair and keep them in place. Since my hair is thick and long, during summer I usually wear it up. I really like the pink invisibobble but they are also available in other colours. Available from Justbeauty, £3.44. 

NYX Illuminator Magnetique 
This is an amazing Illuminator! When applied on skin it looks like light bronzer/blush with gold sparkles. It is ideal for light summer makeup, and I use it everyday to add a bit of colour to my cheeks. It stays on the skin for the whole day and the product lasts for at least 2-3 months. Add some glow to your skin with NYX illuminator!  
Ania’s advice:
1. If you are blonde don’t use products for brown hair
2. Even if your friend says it is ok 
3. Do NOT do it! (experienced it)

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Hello Beautiful!

Hope you are enjoying the first official days of summer, even if you are in London! Lately, a lot of my friends have been asking me about what skincare products I use daily so I decided to write an entire post focusing on my current skincare!
The Body Shop Vitamin E Toner 
I start my morning routine with a toner which I apply on a cotton pad and gently wipe the face and neck. This toner is particularly good for dry and normal skin as it has hydrating properties. It has a lovely, delicate smell and I also use it in the evening before applying oil and moisturiser. (Available at The Body Shop, £10).

Antipodes Day Cream 
In the summer I use face cream instead of a primer. As you know I am a fan of Antipodes so I constantly repurchase the items from Manuka range. This cream is formulated with Vanilla, Manuka honey and Rosehip oil. Manuka is well known for its antibacterial properties and it also helped me with calming any breakouts. The Vitamin A + C also help to reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles. 
Massage it into your skin and leave for 2 minutes before applying makeup to keep your skin hydrated and glowing throughout the day. Available from Feelunique, £27.99.

Super Facialist By Una Brennan Rose Calming Cleanser 

This face wash is formulated with moisturising Shea and Cocoa butters and Pro Vitamin B5 to remove any makeup, and dirt without drying the skin. I found it to be very hydrating, thanks to the Marshmallow and Allantoin. It  has a wonderful smell of freshly cut roses which is ideal for skincare routine. I use it in the shower, applying a small amount and massaging it in circular motions onto face, neck and the decollate. Available from Boots, £7.99. 

Cure X Natural Aqua Gel 

It is very important to exfoliate once a week to remove any dead skin cells and dirt. Cure X is the best selling product in Japan, and since I am a fan of Japanese products I bought it to try. It is similar to Ginvera, as it is a grain free exfoliator which gently removes the dead skin. Best way to use it, is to massage it onto dry skin, you will start seeing small white rolls which are dead skin, dirt and impurities, leaving your skin cleansed and ready for further treatments. Available from Amazon, £21.19.

Garnier Micellar Water

Everyone is loving this micellar water, and I agree, it is a great drugstore product and has a similar effect to Bioderma. It removes makeup, cleanses and soothes the skin without stripping it from the natural oils. I am also loving Garner’s new oil-infused micellar water so I switch between these two. I use the micellar water to remove the remaining traces of makeup before applying the toner. Available from Boots, £4.99.

 Nude ProGenius Omega Treatment Rescue Oil
After removing all the makeup with the micellar water, I would use The Body Shop Toner. I always use facial oil in order to lock in the moisture and lately I have been using the Nude ProGenius Omega Treatment Rescue Oil. The oil contains bakuchiol, which is a natural alternative to retinol, helping to smooth and refine the skin. It also contains  antioxidants, rosemary and thyme extracts which clarify the skin and defend it against daily pollution and stress. Apply on face, neck and decollate. Available from Space NK, £58/30ml.

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser  

After the oil, it is crucial to apply a hydrating cream, especially one which is filled with valuable ingredients as overnight your skin regenerates. The Aurelia night moisturiser contains plant as well as flower essences which hydrate and soothe dehydrated skin, Baobab which is rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9, firming Kigali Africana and antioxidant Hibiscus and Shea butter. It also contains oils, such as Borage oil which is known for locking in moisture and Mongongo oil high in vitamin E content. 

I apply it every night before going to sleep in circular motions on face, neck and decollate area, and wakeup with a glowing and revitalised skin. Available from Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Website, £42.

Perricone MD Blue Plasma Orbital 

Lately I have been trying the products from Perricone and they once again fail to disappoint. The blue plasma orbital is a great remedy for puffy, tired looking eyes, as it hydrates the skin, and reduces the appearance of puffiness. The consistency could be described as gel, which sinks into the skin very quickly brightening the eyes. It really worked wonders on my eyes, especially during deadlines and lack of sleep.

For best results, I kept it in the fridge and applied daily onto the eye area, dabbing it with my finger to also boost the circulation. Available from Lookfantastic, £53. 

Ania’s advice:
1. Minimalise your makeup this summer
2. Always remove your makeup before going to sleep
3. Find your perfect skincare products 


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Hi Gorgeous!
It is empties time again! I always promise myself I will post about empty products as soon as I have enough but I always get other products I want to write about first. Sorry if they the empties post are too close together, but I am a fan of empties posts so I think the more the better, I hope you enjoy reading it!

Antipodes Jubilation Ultra Nourishing Hand and Body Cream
As a loyal fan of Antipodes, I recently finished their Jubilation cream which smells divine! It reminded me of freshly cut herbs which was a perfect smell before going to sleep. It is filled with ingredients such as wild blackcurrant, avocado oil, kiwi seed and vitamin A, C and E which are very good for the skin. The cream is hydrating, and absorbs fairly quickly into the skin. As you can see, I loved it so much I used my tube wringer to get the last drop of product! Available from Lookfantastic, £24.29. 
Phyto 7 Hydrating 
Phyto 7 is one of my favourite hair products and I think this is already the 3rd one that I finished. The size is very convenient and you can take it with you wherever you go. It is very hydrating, infused with 7 pure and natural plant extracts. It literally feel like a cream which is quite unusual for hair products. It prevents frizz, helps to style as well as hydrate the hair. A must- have hair product 🙂 Available from Feelunique, £15.50.

The Body Shop Honey and Oats 3 in 1 Scrub Mask 
I am always talking about this face mask as it smells like a mix of honey, almonds and oats. It cleanses, polishes and moisturises. You can use 2 or 3 times a week during a pamper evening. Before applying, cleanse your skin, ensuring that the cotton pad is clean. Then apply a layer of the mask on your skin, leave it on for 15 minutes and relax. Gently massage it into your skin with water, to exfoliate the dead skin cells. After the mask my skin is always glowing and hydrated, definitely will repurchase. Available from The Body Shop, £11.

Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Water
I liked this micellar water as it removes the make-up very well, without stripping the skin from its oils. It is filled with minerals and multivitamins, and removes all the impurities, and unclogs the pores. It is one of the choices from the drugstore that is worth the hype. Available from Boots, £4.49. 

Perricone MD Neuropeptide Necolletage
This was the first time I tried a product from this brand. I frequently heard about it but now that I finally got a chance to try it, I will not change this for anything else. This product is aimed at the neck and décolletage area, aiming to reduce fine lines.

Although I do not have fine lines, I noticed that the product had an incredible firming effect on the skin. I applied it on the neck and the chest area, and I can honestly say that I noticed a difference. The product comes in a glass bottle with a pump so it is very easy to use it. The scent is herbal, so if you read my blog you will know that I am a fan of aromatherapy so this obviously worked for me! Available from Perricone MD, £128.

Deep Sleep Dream Cream 

This cream The scent is a mix of lavender, chamomile, and Vetivert. Massage this cream into your body to hydrate, nourish and relax your body. Remember to breathe in the scent and enjoy the aromatherapy. I am a fan of this cream as it quickly sinks into your skin, repairs damaged skin and has a firming effect. Great if you cannot sleep! Available from Feelunique, £18.

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner 
Aussie Miracle Moist is my haircare saviour, it helps to untangle even the worst knots and hydrates the hair. I always wash my hair twice, then apply the conditioner, applying from the roots till the ends. This range smells like bubblegum and reminds me of my childhood every time. I always take these products when I go to the seaside and when I do water sports as it is the only thing that works. If you have dry hair problems, get this! Available from Boots, £5.99.

Sanctuary Spa Smoothing Silk Polish 
Once again, this is another tub of the Santuary Spa Silk Polish. This product will work for you if you like the scents such as Neroli, mixed with essential oils. The products from this range help to clear your mind, reduce stress, tension and anxiety before going to sleep. I tried to find it but I think that it might have been discontinued. If you find it, do let me know!
 Ania’s advice:
1. Do not open all your products
2. Use up the products you have
3. Stop buying! (joking, its impossible)
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Hi beautiful
Everyone needs a pampering session once in a while, I try to do it at least once a week, and if possible twice a week. I treat those sessions as an ultimate relaxation hour to myself, when my phone is off and I don’t think about anything work or uni related. I recently attended an event with Nu Skin and I discovered their great range of products with which I created a pampering ritual which you must try 🙂

Begin your evening by turning off your phone, putting on a relaxing soundtrack and lighting candles in your bathroom and your bedroom. Turn off your main lights to maintain your relaxed mood when you leave the bathroom…

Nu Skin Body Lufra
Turn on your shower and choose a suitable temperature for your skin. Remember not to set it too high as that may irritate your skin. Use body wash as usual, and then follow with the Liquid Body Lufra. The Body Lufra is a gentle exfoliant filled with ground walnut shells which will buff out any rough spots and dead skin cells. It has a smell that works like aromatherapy, the main scent note that I can detect is eucalyptus which reminds me of being in a hammam spa. The grains are quite fine but they do a great job in exfoliating and leaving the skin smooth and ready for further treatments (Available from Nu Skincare, £13.27).

Epoch Glacial Marine Mud 
Marine mud is well known for its purifying properties. It extracts impurities, removes dead skin and nourishes the skin. This mask is suitable for both face and body so after the scrub apply it evenly all over your body and face and leave it on for about 10 minutes until it dries.

Half way through you can use Nu Skin Hydrating Mist and spritz it all over your face and body on top of the mask. The Glacial Marine Mud will dry on your skin, so wash it off with warm water. Warning! Your shower might look like a war zone after but it is worth it! My skin felt purified and silky smooth after the treatment and I felt that the moisturiser I used after was better absorbed into my skin. (Available from Nu Skincare, £24.55)

Epoch Baobab Body Butter 
Dry your skin with towel, and when dry apply the Epoch Baobab Body Butter. It is filled with nourishing ingredients such as hydrating Shea Butter and the fruit of the African Baobab tree. Apply it evenly on your skin, massaging it in circular motions. It is crucial to apply moisturising body butter, after the scrub and purifying mask as it completes the treatment and leaves your skin hydrated and nourished. (Available from Nu Skincare, £27.52)

Epoch Aromatic Stone 
Before you go to sleep, take the Epoch Aromatic Stone (Available from Nu Skincare, £6.79) and apply an essential oil which relaxes you. I personally like Eucalyptus but you can also get lavender or something more fruity such as grapefruit. You can find all the essential oil here. Breathe in the aromatic scent and let your mind wander. Relax and go to sleep x
Ania’s advice:
1. Choose one evening of the week 
2. Create your own, private spa at home
3. Breathe 

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Hello Beautiful,
This month’s Libbie Club is filled with goodies to keep your skin radiant during the summer. In the summer I usually try to keep my makeup to minimal using 2-3 products to let my skin breathe. The key to a beautiful skin is using good quality products, exfoliating once a week, hydration and using minimal makeup. The products from this month’s products are perfect for the upcoming (hopefully) hot days! Check the special offers for my readers on my Libbie Club Page

Ginvera Marvel White Marvel Gel 
This is the most popular blackhead treatment in Asia. As you know Asians are well-known for their skincare regime and beautiful skin. It is a very interesting product as it its a clear gel, which when massaged into the skin, exfoliates dead skin cells. It has no abrasive grains yet still has the effect of exfoliator, without irritating the skin. It can be used on both sensitive, and blemish prone skin as well. 
It promises to lighten dark spots and scars. It also helps to reduce oil seeds regulates sebum secretion to reduce breakouts. It brightens dull complexion, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth, and glowing. One of the most important reasons for exfoliation is that it gets rid of the dead skin cells, ensuring that the other skincare products are absorbed into the skin well. 
I can be used daily but I would suggest to use it 2-3 times a week. You only need a small, which you should apply on dry skin, focusing on the T-zone. Massage in circular motion, you will notice flakes which is dead skin, blackheads and dirt, later rinse off with water. My skin after is smooth and glowing and with every use my skin improved. I am a fan of Japanese and Korean skincare so I would recommend this product for anyone as it is suitable for all skin types.

Special offer! Get 10% the Ginvera Marvel White Marvel Gel here!

Little Ondine Nail Polish Shade Sweet Liquor
Since I tried the Little Ondine nail polish in december, I literally don’t want to use any other polishes. Little Ondine’s new innovative formula cumulates the following all-in-one benefits: easy peel off, natural ingredients, odour free, dry fast. Little Ondine is very different from other nail polishes as it requires no nail varnish remover and does not smell at all. I am one of those people who cannot maintain their manicure for more than 2 days, it always chips and my nails end up looking disgusting  which is why the nail polish from Little Ondine is a great solution for me as I can remove it whenever I need to. 
How to use:
– Clean and dry your nails before applying
– Apply 2-3 layers
– Clean edges before they dry
– Avoid touching ANYTHING for the first hour!

Special offer! Nail Polish (Sweet Liquor) and Base & Top Coat Duo – 10% OFF here!

Tarte Cosmetics Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara 
If I had the power to give out awards, this mascara would get one for the best product design – covered in faux-snake leather, this mascara looks stunning. Why 4 in 1? The mascara promises four benefits – lengthening, curling, volumising and conditioning. I have quite long lashes naturally, but this mascara really elongates them, nourishing them at the same time. I would say it is better for elongating than volumising, yet the effect is still marvellous. It is long lasting, and stays on the lashes throughout the day and does not flake! Another plus – it is vegan! A summer must- have!

Special offer! Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara – 10% OFF here!
Special offer! Opening Act Lash Primer and mini Mascara – 10% OFF here!

Ania’s advice:
1. Focus on skincare 
2. Use 2-3 make-up products
3. Book summer vacation!

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Hello Everyone!
It has been a while since I posted an empties post, and I have accumulated so many empties boxes that I need to finally write about them. This time I have products from across all categories, skincare, haircare, bodycare and makeup so am sure you will find something interesting for yourself as well. 

Mitchum Advanced Women 48h Protection Anti-perspirant Deodorant 
I used up two of these as I found Mitchum to be a very effective antiperspirant. It is a creamy deodorant, which makes it is quite hydrating and therefore can be used after you shave without irritating your armpits. It has a very unique smell, quite medicinal I would say, but I really liked it. However, since it is a white, creamy deodorant it can leave white marks on dark clothes. Available in Boots, £3.20
Holland and Barrett Skin Hair Nails  
After the winter months, my hair and nails are quite damaged and need a vitamin boost! So I always reach for Holland and Barrett Skin Hair Nails which immediately strengthens all 3. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a beauty boost! Available in Holland and Barrett, £10.29
Bourgeois Silk Edition Compact Powder
Bourgeois is always one of my favourite choices for powder foundation. It is light, easy to apply and provides an airbrush finish. Actually, many people complemented my make-up when I was wearing this powder, as it provides a light, fresh coverage. I particularly like that it comes with a mirror and a sponge so can be used on the go, and I can always have it in my handbag. Available in Boots, £8.99. 

Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Mask
I got this in the December Dollibox, and I had very good impressions of this product. It was hydrating, smoothed down the frizz and smelt like almonds! I used it all over my hair 2 times a week when my hair was very damaged and it really helped. It is also very reasonable priced so I would give it a try if your hair is dry and damaged. Available at Feelunique, £3.

Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm 
Dry lips – this is the best remedy, 100% natural, smells of beeswax, what more could you want?

Clinique High ImpactMascara
This has been featured previously in my December Favourites. I was happy with this mascara as it lengthened and thickened my lashes without clumping them together. I like to have a small mascara on me wherever I go in case I want to fix my makeup so I would recommend getting this one. 

L’Occitane Shea Hand Cream
Since I have so many empties, I am going to be very brief about this hand cream. It is a second or third tube that I already finished. It is my ultimate dry hands remedy as it is filled with vitamin E, 20% Shea Butter, honey and sweet almond extract and aromas of jasmine and yland-yland essences. Available from L’Occitane, £8. 

Caudalie Honey and Hand Cream 
Unfortunately this has been discontinued even though it was a great hand cream. I don’t really like floral hand creams, so I try to find ones that smell like honey or almonds or have sweet scent notes. This hand cream was hydrating and smelt amazing so I cannot get over the fact that I can no longer buy it…if you find anything similar please let me know! 

Lush Rub Rub Rub
As you can see, I have been using a lot of products from Lush lately so I have a lot of them to review! Rub Rub Rub is a very light salt scrub. It can be used on wet skin as a gentle exfoliant or on dry skin for a more harsh exfoliation. Apparently it can also be used on the hair, but it did not work on my dry hair. I preferred using it on wet skin, in the shower focusing on the décolletage area and using a scrub with thicker grains on other body parts. Available from Lush, £8.95. 

Lush Oatfix Fresh Face Mask
If you are looking for a nourishing face mask then Lush is always a good choice. I love the Oatfix mask as it is very hydrating and smells of sweet almonds! It is mildly exfoliating so after 10-15 minutes, you can gently massage it into your skin to exfoliate the dead skin, using warm water. Like all Lush masks it does not disappoint. Available from Lush, £6.75.

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub 
Lip scrubs have become very popular lately, as they smooth the lips, making the lipstick look so much better. The Popcorn lip scrub is so delicious as it is made with popping candy, coconut oil and caster sugar. I know that the pot may seem quite small, but it lasts forever, even if you are obsessed like me and use it daily. Available from Lush, £5.50. 
Pecksniff’s England Sandalwood and Vanilla Moisturising Shower Gel 
Last but definitely not least is the shower gel from Pecksniff’s. There are two main scent notes in this shower gel, one is sandalwood and the other vanilla, which complement each other and will make you feel like you are in a Romanian Spa. If you are a fan of earthy smells, this is one to try. The shower gel is also hydrating, leaving your skin soft and nourished. Available from Pecksniff website, £30. 

Ania’s advice:
1. Try wearing minimal makeup 
2. You can still keep mascara *-* 
3. Get a tan 


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May is the best month to start looking glamorous for summer. The gradual self tan will give your skin a healthy glow, and a subtle tan you have been after the whole winter, Chin-up will improve your skin’s appearance and improve your self-confidence, whilst the brush will ensure your make-up looks impeccable. 

James Read Gradual Tan 

I have never been a fan of self tan with the complexity of application and the endless failure stories. A lot of my friends use self tan, but the results were not too great, especially when used on the face. With a very pale complexion, I decided that self tan was not for me, until I tried the Gradual Tan by James Read… This product brings self tanning to another level. It comes in a see-through plastic bottle and it is a clear liquid. 
It is infused with DHA, the active bronzing ingredient in self tanners. Against many expectations, it contains great ingredients like acne-fighting zinc, coconut oil, and hydrating rose water. After application my skin felt hydrated and ready for makeup and with every application it got darker gradually.
Cleanse your skin, spray evenly on face and neck, and wait for 2 minutes to settle, then apply makeup. Use daily until you achieve the perfect tan. This is my favourite product from this box, and I would definitely recommend getting it for the summer.

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Girl Meets Brush Powder Brush 
I don’t know if you heard about this brand before, but it was started by celebrity makeup artist, Lynne Mills. The brushes are minimal but honestly they are great. This powder brush, is probably one of the softest brushes I own. It is quite thick which helps to spread the powder more evenly on the face. Remember to apply the powder in circular motion to distribute it well on the skin. Also this brush is great for blending in blush or bronzer, making your makeup look flawless! 
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Chin- up Mask Firming and Contouring Trial Pack

Since I haven’t got any problems in this particular area, I’ve decided to try this product on my mom. Despite having aged relatively well, her chin is a bit of an issue for her. The mask has improved her appearance, smoothed down most of the fine lines and tightened the skin. Not to mention the surprisingly effective moisturising properties. 
You start off by applying the slimming mask, then follow with the elastic band that goes around your head, tightening it as much as you feel comfortable with. The product combines science and beauty by making use of natural fruit extracts, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid in a lovely package which evokes your first aid kit in its red and white colour scheme. What it does is it effectively boosts your lymphatic system thus reducing fat tissue in the chin area. 
Although the results are temporary, you can extend them by applying every day. After about half an hour, my mom was left delighted with a smooth, luminous complexion. Chin up!

ChinUp Firming and Contouring Starter Pack

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