Hello Stunning!

It is time for favourites once again! This month I decided to focus on skincare, healthy eating and sports which you probably realised by looking at my favourites. This month I also attended the London Health Show which inspired me to focus on my health and wellbeing, as external beauty is in fact the reflection of inner health. 

Beuti Skincare, Beauty Sleep Elixir  
This January I have been using this new Beauty Sleep Elixir from Beuti Skincare. First of all lets all take a moment admiring the packaging, it is so cute and gorgeous! It is a 100% natural product, containing 98% organic oils. It contains 14 precious plant oils which support the skin barrier, fight inflammaging, and counteract irritation as well as inflammation. The oils are well known for their anti-oxidant properties, which support the skin barrier.

I usually applied this product in the evening after I cleansed my face, and followed with a moisturiser to supply my skin with all the precious nutrients, minerals, vitamins and omega 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9. After the night treatment I woke up with a hydrated and glowing skin. What I liked about this product is that it was 100% natural so I knew that it is healthy and good for my skin.

Since the serum is made of oils it does have an oily texture but it absorbs into the skin quite quickly.  I also tried it as a base for makeup and it did a pretty good job, but you need to ensure you don’t put too much as  you can end up with an oily skin! You can use it in the evening as a serum, blemish treatment and for brightening the skin. Available from Beauti Skincare Website (Price, £40)

Skin and Tonic London Steam Clean 
I always come back to the cleansing balms during the winter months, as they are hydrating and the routine is very relaxing. This month, I have been using the balm from Skin and Tonic, a British, organic brand. It has a minty, eucalyptus smell which has a calming effect on your body and mind. 
I think the best way to use a cleansing balm is to massage it into the skin, then add a little bit of water to melt the makeup and dirt then following with a hot muslim cloth, removing all the grime. I like to treat it as an evening ritual, always enjoying the aromatherapy, and the hot towel. Available from Skin and Tonic Website (Price, £27)
Greenfrog Botanic Geranium and Peppermint Botanical Wash 
As you all know, I LOVE herbal scents, especially geranium and peppermint so this soap has taken a special place in my bathroom. It is made with soapberries from the Himalayan Mountains, which are also used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat eczema and dry, sensitive skin. They are non invasive, so they will not affect the Ph of your skin. I do have dry skin so if a product is unsuitable my skin will be itchy, 
I found the Botanical hand wash to be very nourishing and hydrating, leaving my skin soft and clean.  It contains aloe vera, which has soothing effect, peppermint oil which has a cooling as well as refreshing effect and calming geranium oil. I used this hand wash few times a day, and found to be different to the other products available on the market, which do tend to dry out my skin. What I also like about this brand, is that it is eco-friendly and 100% vegan. The products are biodegradable, parabens and SLS free, and do not contain harmful chemicals. The hand wash is a great bathroom essential and it is available on Greenfrog website, (Price, £7.40) 

Toni and Guy  Guy Wave Memoriser 
Lately I am a fan of messy hair look. I love the ‘out of bed’ style, messy waves or ponytails so when I saw this in Boots I decided to give it a go. My hair is naturally quite wavy but I don’t like to use mousse as it sticks them together and they look terrible so I was hoping this will enhance my waves.
I was quite surprised by the results, it made my hair super wavy, giving my hair this ‘surfer look’. It does not stick your hair together, but smoothes the frizz and enhances the waves. I love the packaging, especially that it is purple and the gorgeous scent of this product. Available in Boots, (Price, £7.49)

This is a new brand that I discovered during the London Health Show and I am happy to say that a healthy energy drink has finally arrived. As many of you, I am quite busy and often I do need to just keep going. I cannot drink all those sugary, drinks with taurine as they simply make me feel like I am about to have a heart attack and I feel worse than when I am tired. 
I know I don’t normally write about non beauty products but this definitely deserves a mention. The Sunsoul drinks are designed for women. They are low in calories (only 84) per can, and they are made with 100% natural ingredients such as Guarana, kola nut and baobab which give you energy without nasty effects on your body. They taste amazing as well, my favourite so far is the Raspberry and Elderflower, but you can also get them in flavours like Spiced Mango and Pineapple or Lime and Lemon. 

Ania’s advice:
1. Find exercise you will love
2. Eat healthy!
3. Make smoothies *-* 

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Hello Everyone!
I have some exciting news to share with you today! I have been thinking about this for a while and I finally filmed my first video featuring Empties:) Please let me know what you think and what you would like to see next. Enjoy!

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Hi Beautiful 

The January Libbie Club is here with products that help you relax and prepare for the year ahead! For those of you who don’t know, Latest in Beauty has launched a Beauty Box for bloggers called the Libbie Club. The bloggers receive special offers especially for their readers, who can buy great quality beauty products for less. As always, the offers this month are great, my favourite are the Maddi Alexander Rose Soaking Salts! You can redeem all the offers at my page here!

Maddi Alexander Rose Soaking Salts 
There is nothing better in winter than a nice, hot bath after a long day. This month, Libbie Club has sent me these gorgeous bath salts to try and I must say I do like them a lot! The smell is great, smelling like a bouquet of freshly cut roses, mixed with cardamon, pink pepper and Shea butter. 
The bath salts are infused with oils, nourishing your skin whilst you take a bath, so you don’t need to worry about dry skin after. The salts are filled with beautiful rose petals which look stunning in the bath. Love love love! 

DHC Cleansing Oil
If you have been keeping up to date with the beauty news, you would have heard about the importance of double cleansing. Double cleansing is cleaning your face first with an oily product such as cleansing oil or balm, and then following with a water based product such as micellar water. I think it is very important to use both as water based product will not remove all the makeup and dirt which can results in breakout as well as skin problems. 
This is an award winning cleansing oil and I understand why. It contains olive oil which is known for its antioxidant properties, and beneficial effect on the skin. The DHC cleansing oil melts away all the makeup leaving your skin soft and nourished. Best way to use it, massage it in, add water and rinse it off. The pump is very handy, preventing the product from spilling. A beauty lover must-have!

Eye Of Horus Sahara Nude Goddess Pencil 
This is the first time I tried a nude eye pencil and I love it! It makes my eyes look bigger, brighter and  awake even if I am exhausted! For best results, I applied it on the waterline, and since it is paraben free it is safe to use. It contains Beeswax, Carnauba and Candelia wax, as well as Moringa oil, which ensure that the pencil is soft and does not irritate the eye area. Lovely product, great for brightening the eyes!

SPECIAL OFFER! Free Scarab Sapphire Goddess Pencil And Sharpener with Sahara Nude Goddess Pencil, £15

With every purchase over £30 you can get £5 off, and if you sign up to newsletter you get 10% off as well! Enjoy!

Ania’s advice
1. Find some time time to relax 
2. Take a nice bath 
3. Try Maddi Alexander Bath Salts
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Hello in 2016!
I am so happy I can wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope 2016 will be as wonderful as 2015. I  know it is two weeks late, but it has been so hectic that I had no time to post anything. The good news is that I am back! As always I have December favourites that I wanted to share with you, please let me know if you tried any of these and what you think about them!

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser
The Aurelia Cleanser is filled with probiotics and peptide technologies which help to protect the skin, revitalise it and prevent it from ageing. It is also 100% Bioorganic which is one of the reasons I fell for it. It contains Baobab which is rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9, firming Kigali Africana and antioxidant Hibiscus and of course the ingredient which are responsible for the scent so Chamomile, Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Bergamot.
I took this skiing with my friends and every single person wanted to try this, I am not joking, men included. It is such a relaxing treatment after a long day. The best way to use this is to apply it to your face, rub to melt away the makeup, then put a hot cloth on your face and breathe in the divine herbal/minty smell. You can repeat the hot cloth which I always do as it really helps me relax. A December must-have. (This Miracle Cleanser is available from Space NK, £34)
Clinique High Impact Mascara 
I got this sample with the Glamour December Issue and I absolutely love it! It adds volume and length to my lashes, making them look gorgeous. The brush is soft and makes sure you lashes are not only thick and long but also separated. I loved it during December as with all the coats, hats and scarves it still made my eyes stand out. Great mascara! (This mascara is available in Boots, £17.50)

34.4 Honey Balm 
I got this lovely balm from a lovely lady called Elke when I was visiting Slow Living and Food Market at Rosewood Hotel in London. Let me explain the meaning of the name first as you are probably all wondering. 34.4 relates to the ideal temperature that the bees need to thrive in the heart of the bee hive! The honey balm is perfect for healing and soothing the skin, and it is suitable for all skin types. It is natural, containing only 3 ingredients – honey, beeswax and kernel oil, so it is ideal for allergic or sensitive skin. I liked using this balm on my lips and cuticles to nourish them during the cold days in December! (Available from 34.4 website, £5) 
Dove Pure Care Oil Nourishing Treatment

I use hair oils daily, even before or after brushing my hair. It helps with smoothing the frizz and nourishing my hair, and is especially important during the winter and summer months. I really liked this hair oil, as it made my hair silky smooth without weighing them down. It comes in a glass bottle so it feels luxurious and the price is definitely a bargain! Made with African Macadamia it is a great choice for winter. (Available from Boots, £9.99)
Revlon Lipstick (Shade, Rose) 
When it is cold and rainy outside what makes you stand out from the crowd? A good lipstick! In December I discovered the lipstick from Revlon and I can say that I finally found a lipstick which does not dry out my lips and looks great throughout the day. The shade is beautiful and I wore it both during the day and evening as it is so universal. (Available from Boots, £7.99)

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter 
I would not survive winter months without a good, moisturising body butter. During December I have been loving The Body Shop Shea Body Butter. Whenever I go to the store I spend about 10 minutes smelling all the body butters, because there is always something new and I like the traditional ranges too. The Shea Body Butter is one of their classics, and I understand why after using up the whole tub during December. It is thicker than other body butters and super moisturising, so ideal for winter when my skin tends to get especially dry. I cannot say a bad thing about this product, and I am repurchasing it as soon as I go to the store! (Available from The Body Shop, £14)
Ania’s advice
1. Remember to moisturise your skin
2. Find your perfect other-half
3. Forget 2! Find your perfect lipstick 

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Hello Gorgeous 
I hope you had a lovely Christmas and spent some quality time with your loved ones. I am sorry I haven’t been posting a lot but I have been very busy with the whole gift preparation, decorating house and of course spending time with my family and friends. This month I received a great subscription box called Dollibox. You can find out more information on Dollibox website. Enjoy!

About Dollibox
Dollibox is a new subscription box for UK based beauty lovers. Each month you will receive 5 personalised beauty samples tailored to your needs, featuring well- known brands, cult classics and niche brands. In addition it includes tutorials and in-box cards featuring products you will receive. You can choose to get a single box or a subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months. (£10 + £3.25 P&P)
Anubis Barcelona Polivitaminic Cleansing Mousse – Full Size RRP £12
What I love about subscription boxes, is that I can try all the new, and niche brands like Anubis. Filled with vitamin C which has anti ageing properties; orange stem cells which have antioxidant  and anti-ageing properties as well as hyaluronic acid which provides hydration to the different skin layers.   The Cleansing Mousse can be used daily, all you need to do is to wet your skin, massage in one or two pumps and enjoy. The cleansing mousse is a perfect product, especially for the winter season as it does not dry out the skin but leaves it hydrated, smooth and healthy. Plus it smells like oranges *-* 
Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Mask – Travel Size RRP £3
If you read my blog regularly you will know that I am addicted to hair products, and that my hair is sometimes impossible to manage as it gets quite dry and tangled. I tried Osmo products before and I was very satisfied with the results so I had quite high hopes for this one. Of course I was not disappointed. This mask is designed for dry and damaged hair, and it aims to ‘restore moisture and elasticity, leaving hair feeling silky, smooth and manageable’. Filled with wonderful ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang, it promises to moisturise, smooth, tame frizz and control excess sebum. 
You can use this mask as a short (3-5 mins) or long treatment (7-10 mins). I always go for the longer treatment as it works better. The mask is quite thick and creamy and it smells amazing, I found the scent a bit nutty, I cannot quite describe it. The mask made my hair smooth and hydrated as promised, lovely product!

Model Co Highlighting Trio – Full Size RRP £14
Who doesn’t love to add a little bit of glow to their face with a little bit of highlighter, bronzer, or blush? This product is a 3 in 1, allowing you to change your make-up as you fancy wherever you are. You can use the bronzer for conturing, the highlighter for brightening your complexion and blush to add some colour to your make-up. I preferred using them 1 at a time but you can also experiment with the shades and combine them together. It is up to you how you use it, I am sure it will look stunning whatever you do 🙂 

Bare Naturals Pomegranate & Pink Grapefruit Soap – Full Size RRP £3.65
Another item in the box was a soap from Bare Naturals. It is 100 % natural, vegan, paraben & SLS free and it is handmade in the UK. It contains grapefruit essential oil which is known for its revitalising and cleansing properties, nourishing pomegranate and other oils such as coconut oil and olive oil. As you can imagine it smells sweet and fresh making it perfect for my everyday hand soap. 

Freeman Barefoot Lavender + Mint Foot Cream – Trial Size RRP £1.50
This foot cream could not arrive at a better time, after Christmas Eve and the busy December month my feet are in need of a treatment. It is filled with tea tree oil, lavender oil and peppermint which help in soothing and relaxing tired feet as well as reinvigorating muscles. 
What did I think?
I think this box is great as it contains products from all the beauty categories like haircare, skincare, makeup and body care so everyone can find something they will like. All the products included in the box were good quality and they worked perfectly with my skin. I would get it again!
The December box is available until 31st December so order soon if you would like to get those fantastic beauty items from Dollibox website!
Ania’s advice:
1. Subscribe to Dollibox
2. Get beauty delivered to your door 
3. Stay fabulous *-*

Hi there!  

Hope you are all doing great, enjoying Xmas preparation. Since it is december, I have been doing some tiding up lately and I completely forgot to post about my empties so from now on I will be posting regularly to avoid these piles of stuff! I really like empties posts as I can honestly say which products worked well and which didn’t. Let me know what you think 🙂  

Mio Skincare The Activist Firming Body Oil 
I got this in one of the Libbie Club boxes and absolutely loved it. I really liked the consistency of this oil as it is quite runny so it absorbed easily into the skin and did not leave me feeling sticky. I felt that it was effective as my skin looked firmer within weeks of using. Great product, I will buy it again. (Available here, £29.50).

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion 
I think Cocoa is quite a tricky smell. It needs to be perfectly composed, as otherwise it will start irritating me after a week of using. Palmers managed to get it right and I really loved this body lotion as it was hydrating and really nourishing so ideal for the winter time. The only downside is the packaging which makes it difficult to get all the product out, but except that it is perfect. The price is another advantage as it only costs only £3.99 for a 250 ml bottle. I already bought a new one:) (Available here, £3.99). 

AVEDA Stress-Fix Body Creme 
This was one of my favourite products from this pile of empties. You can smell notes of the divine lavender which really help to unwind and relax. It is a perfect cream for when you are stressed out and need a little bit of aromatherapy. It is quite thick so it is great for nourishing the skin. I will be buying a full size pot as this is one of the best anti-stress products I ever tried. Well done AVEDA! (Available here, £36).
L’Occitane Neroli Orchidea

DIVINE – this word describes this perfume perfectly. You just need to go to the store to smell it to understand what I mean. The Orchidea and Neroli are so perfectly mixed together to create this amazing perfume. It is great for every time of the year and the smell is quite long lasting. Love Love Love! (Available here, £52).

Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Face Wipes
When these wipes were introduced to the UK market I received them to try. What I noticed was that  they were different to the regular face wipes. These wipes are soaked in micellar water meaning that are a lot better for your skin, as they won’t have the drying effect. You are not supposed to use wipes everyday but they are a great beauty item to have in your handbag so whenever you want to clean your face on-the-go, you can. I found these wipes to be very good, as they removed the makeup effectively, and left the same feeling as micellar water. These wipes are scentless which is also better for the skin of course (Available here, £3.99). 

Bioderma Micellar Wanter 
Every blogger loves this micellar water, I think its great, and I always come back to it. It removes makeup, doesn’t dry out the skin, and it is lightly scented. One downside is that it is a bit pricey compared to the drugstore micellar waters, and it is quite hard to find. Very good product, but cheaper alternatives are available. 
Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact Powder (Shade Vanilla 52)
This powder does everything a powder needs to. It evens out and mattiifies the skin, provides light coverage, so it is perfect for everyday use. I will buy it again as it is genuinely a good product  and  it is affordable too (Available here, £8.99).

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 
 At the moment, this is my one and only concealer. It privides great coverage, hides all the imperfections and looks great throughout the day. I use it daily and cannot imagine not using it, which is why I go through them like they are water! (Available here, £4.19)

Ania’s advice:
1. Send me your links
2. Tidy up your beauty cupboards
3. Merry Xmas!

Hi Beauty!

I hope you are all getting ready for Christmas and have started decorating your homes, packing your xmas presents and also finding some time for yourselves! Since there is not as much time left, I wanted to give you some gift ideas, and inspirations for your loved ones, your friends or even for you. The shopping destination that I recently discovered is called Au Sujet De Vert, where you can find the best selection of organic niche products such as Hairy Jayne, Tabitha James Kraan, Carishea, Ermana Natural Skincare, Lyonsleaf, Cime Skincare, Vedani Botanicals, Rossi Uvema.
One of the cool things about this store is that if you live in London Area W1, your products will be hand delivered to you for  free!

Ermana Comfort Balm 
I love this Balm! Especially after a stressful, busy days, this is exactly what I need to relax. It is made with 3 butters cocoa, shea and coconut; essential oils including lavender, geranium and ylang ylang. All of the ingredients are blended with sweet almond oil and beeswax which gives it a thick, rich texture. It is also 100% natural *-* 
This balm is a multi-purpose products so it is ideal when you travel as it has many different uses. The ingredients have antioxidant properties, and the balm heals, smooths and protects the skin from any external damage. It works amazing as a de-stressing balm. All you need to do is apply it to your wrists, and temples and massage it into the skin, then inhale the divine scent of the oils. It can also be used on dry areas heeling the cracked skin. I do suffer from dry skin, so applying this balm on my elbows really made a difference, especially that it has this waxy texture which I find works best on damaged skin.
This comfort balm would be the perfect stocking filler for an organic beauty lover, a busy person or a home lover who enjoys relaxing evenings! (Available here, £8)

 Tabitha James Kraan Golden Citrus 4 in 1 Conditioner
This Golden Citrus 4. in one conditioner is also a multipurpose product, as all the items I am reviewing in this post. It can be used as a conditioner, a leave-in treatment, scalp moisturiser or a styling product which is great as when you are travelling instead of taking 4 product you will only need to take this one.

Oatmilk– restorative, structuring, vitamins, minerals
Organic Oils – Rosehip, Argan, Coconut
Essential oils – Neroli, Tangerine, Bergamot, Myrryth

I liked to use it as a leave-in treatment, applying it from midlenghtns till the ends to nourish the hair. It also worked great for styling, easing the frizz and making my hair smooth. This conditioner has a lovely, citrusy smell which fits perfectly into the winter season. Also I am a fan of the packaging, it is so different to other conditioners, and it is very travel friendly as it has a pump so it will not spill in your bag. The ingredients are great for hair, especially the Argan and Coconut oils. It is 92% organic and is suitable for all hair types (including coloured hair)

This Conditioner would be an ideal gift for a person who loves haircare, a person with problematic hair or for you! (Available here, £22.50)

Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm 
Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm is another multi-tasking product. It is a cleanser as well as a moisturiser. It has cell regenerating properties helps prevent spots and helps boost skin’s natural sun protection systems. I had a small sample so I tried to use it as a to cloth cleanser. It has a lovely, herbal scent and the balm is easy to apply since it is not as solid as some other balms. I applied it to dry skin, then massaged it in to melt any make-up and used a hot cloth to remove it, breathe in the scent while having the hot cloth on your face. The balm removed all the make-up well, leaving my skin feeling clean and ready for a moisturiser.

This Beauty Balm would be an ideal stocking filler for a skincare lover, or organic beauty fan (Available here £12.95) 

Hairy Jayne Pre-Shampoo Treatment Oil 
As you all know I am quite obsessed with haircare products so this was an exciting product to try. First of all, let me start with the ingredients: 
Argan oil -nourishes, strengthens and smoothes
Bay – reduces hair fall, promotes growth
Clary Sage – clarifies scalp, regulates oil
Lavender – soothes skin irritation, promotes sleep 
 Olive Oil– moisturises dry skin and hair; 
Pomegranate Seed Oil – anti-inflammatory
Ylang Ylang -nourishes hair follicles 
The ingredients are ideal for any hair problems, they will nourish the scalp as well as the hair, prevent hair falling out and promote growth. This oil is suitable for all hair types and all ages. I applied this oil before washing my hair and left it on for 1-2 hours but you can also leave it overnight.
I found that the applicator was very good as the oil did not spill everywhere which always tends to happen to me! First thing I noticed was the scent which is beautiful and relaxing, it is quite herbal and you can smell the notes of the lavender and ylang ylang so when the oil is working in your hair you will also enjoy the aromatherapy which will help you unwind. The oil made my hair smooth, shiny and got rid of the frizz. I did feel very relaxed and sleepy after using this oil so it definitely has sleep promoting properties. I feel like this this Pre-Shampoo Oil could be a part of Spa treatment as it has the gorgeous scent, professional packaging and great results. 
This Pre-Shampoo Treatment Oil would be the perfect stocking filler for a person who loves haircare, a person with problematic hair or for you as it can be used daily as a leave-in treatment! (Available here, £9)
Ania’s advice:
1. Try organic products 
2. Use aromatherapy to relax
3. Start singing xmas carols

Hello Beautiful 

I don’t know how about you, but I am loving this Christmas atmosphere in London. I love watching the stunning window shops, people buying gifts and the lovely offers that brands offer for the festive season. As you are all aware I am a fan of organic beauty, and lately I have been trying products from Evolve Organic Beauty, a brand that makes handmade, 100% organic products. 

Evolve Organic Beauty (link here) believes in making highest quality products, respecting the environment and of course it is against animal testing! I tried two products from their range a Radiant Glow Face Mask and a Tropical Body Polish, and I can honestly say that they are one of the best organic product I ever tried, not to mention the stunning packaging!

Evolve Organic Beauty Radiant Glow Mask 
Many people think that if a product is organic, it is not as effective. This is one of the biggest myths in the beauty industry. Organic products are not only better for your skin, but also for your health. This facemask is 100% organic, it is filled with raw cocoa powder, coconut oil, sugar, clay and organic Baobab seed oil. The clay purifies, the cocoa powder and sugar exfoliate and the oils nourish the skin. 

I used this mask on a cleansed face, preferably in the evenings as it has a delicious chocolate smell so combined with the rain outside and a hot cup of tea, it made the perfect evening. I left it on for 5-10 minutes and then washed it off with lukewarm water, massaging my face with circular motions to remove any dead skin cells. I am not sure when was the last time I felt so good after a face mask, my skin was perfectly smooth and glowing. This mask is a must-have, and I realise that I say it about quite a few products, so this mask is a MUST MUST have! (Available here, £18)

Evolve Organic Beauty Tropical Blossom Body Polish
There are two types of beauty lovers, ones who use scrub twice a week religiously, and the others who forget about exfoliating and when the summer comes they panic, use it twice and then forget about it for the next 8 months. Obviously I belong to the first group and I am always looking for a perfect body polish which will be thick, moisturising and harsh, as to be fair those are the most effective. The Body Polish from Evolve ticks all the boxes. It is filled with organic sugar which exfoliates, natural Tahitian coconut Monoi which is an anti-oxidant as well as almond oil *-* which leaves the skin smooth and hydrated. The body polish is fragranced with exotic Tahitian Blossoms of Gardenia. 

I used this product twice a week, even though I think one time would be enough as it is quite strong. I use it in the shower of course,  after using shower gel and washing it off, I switch off the water and in circular motions apply the scrub exfoliate the skin. I wash it off with warm water and enjoy silky smooth skin! Remember to enjoy the divine smell of Tropical Blossom whilst using the scrub. The body polish is filled with oil leaving your skin hydrated, so you don’t need to apply moisturiser after. I would give this product a rating of 10/10! (Available here, £20)

Ania’s winter advice:

1. Hot cup of tea

2. Favourite movie

3. Facemask *-*


Hi Beautiful 

The December Libbie Club has once yet arrived with exciting products! This month is a little bit different as there is a product for men as well, which is just perfect for the Christmas season! For those of you who don’t know, Latest in Beauty has launched a Beauty Box for bloggers called the Libbie Club. The bloggers receive special offers especially for their readers, who can buy great quality beauty products for less. As always, the offers this month are great, perfect for stocking fillers. You can redeem all the offers at my page here

FIT Skincare Moisturising Ultra Serum

Moisturising ultra-serum intensely hydrates, repairs, protects & refreshes skin. Packed with premium performance active ingredients, vitamins and utilising OXY-FIT-10 technology it recharges & stimulates the skins natural repair mechanisms.

How To Use?
– Apply sparingly to face and neck
– Dispense 3 pumps and massage in
– Use daily after workout, sport or shower
– Use at night for overnight repair 

What I thought?

Obviously I have not tried this as it is for men, but by looking at the ingredients I can say that it sounds like a great product. It is a perfect gift for your father, brother or boyfriend, so I am glad that the Libbie Club Team decided to add this to the December box even though I cannot use this 😉

Little Ondine Nail Varnish (Lava Red)
Little Ondine’s new innovative formula cumulates the following all-in-one benefits: easy peel off, natural ingredients, odour free, dry fast. Little Ondine is different from other nail polishes.
How to use:
– Clean & dry your nails before applying
– Apply 2-3 layers
– Clean edges before they dry
– Avoid touching ANYTHING for the first hour!

What I thought?

I must admit this is quite a novelty to me – a nail polish that you can peel off, without the need for nail polish remover! I think this is a miracle product, especially for me, as when I am out of the house and realise my nail polish is chipped I can quickly remove it. Another great feature of this product is that it does not really have a smell, compared to other nail polishes. It is easy to apply, and dries quickly so if you are impatient like me, you will love this 😉

 SPECIAL OFFER Free Nail varnish with your Winter Wonderland glitter polishes set worth £8.40!

Vita Liberata Luxury Tan Bronzer 
Self-Tanning Bronzing Minerals. Includes a Vita Liberata Kabuki Brush for flawless application and lasting contouring.

How To Use
– Apply over moisturiser or liquid fondation 
– Using a kabuki brush, blend the mineral powder onto the face, neck and décolleté in circular movements
– Use more around cheekbones to achieve a contouring effect
– The developed tan will last up to 5 days 

What I thought?
This is a great bronzer, it gives a natural ‘sunkissed’ finish as a bronzer should do, but you can build it up for a night out. I did not see the self-tan effect as I only used it a few times, but maybe if used regularly it works better. If you like mineral makeup this is perfect for you. I really like the Kabuki brush for this bronzer, it is very soft and distributes the products evenly on the face. The products  work perfect together, and if you want to give your skin the summer look, you should give this a try 😉 

SPECIAL OFFER Buy one get one free!

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