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I am sorry I haven’t been posting as much but I really have been enjoying this beautiful summer! I mean, did you know it is the best summer we have had since the 70s? Do enjoy it as much as you can, as I still find it hard to believe how long it has been fabulous! Finally we have an endless summer in London <3

I recently discovered a lovely non-profit brand, Kohl Kreatives which has an amazing brand philosophy. The founder, created this brand to help individuals feel better about their appearances, find their confidence and change their lives. The brand is all about charitable projects providing free international workshops throughout the year. The #myarmour campaign is all about regaining self-esteem and using cosmetics to help achieve that.

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Kohl Kreatives recently launched the beautiful Shapes Collection. The brushes are flexible, to ensure easy and precise makeup application. What I absolutely love about these brushes is that they stand by themselves, and since they are gorgeous, they are the perfect decoration for my dressing table. The fibre is super soft, vegan and perfect for sensitive skin. The makeup application is very easy, and the brushes leave a flawless finish. The 3ss3ntials are available from Kohl Creatives Website, for £34.99.


Ania’s advice:

1. Experiment with make-up

2.Discover Kohl Kreatives!

3.Enjoy the summer while it lasts!



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