Recently I went to the launch of the new Listerine Nightly Reset Mouth Wash, and I realised that we don’t talk enough about dental health, which is part of our everyday routine. It is so important to take care of your teeth, that I decided to write a post about this new product from Listerine, and everything I learnt during the press day!


Listerine Nightly Reset

We live in a very past-paced environment, and instead of eating three proper meals, we usually end up having one meal, and snack throughout the day. Every time we eat, we obviously expose the teeth to acids, sugars and other harmful substances. In order to protect the teeth, we should brush them 2-3 times and use mouthwash to restore and replenish enamel and keep the flouride in the mouth.

The Nightly Reset by Listerine should be used twice a day before and after sleep. It strengthens the teeth and works whilst you rest. The formula is high in flouride, which restores weakened enamel and resets your whole mouth during your beauty sleep! It also reduced plaque build-up, get accumulation and acted production. I also love the amazing ‘Midnight Mint’ Flavour, which is very refreshing. I have been using it twice a day, and I can admit that it feels like its working! Listerine Nightly Reset is available from Boots, £3.50.


Ania’s advice:

1. Focus on your teeth

2.Remember to use mouthwash 🙂

3.Always get your beauty sleep



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